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Attention deficithyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - explanation

ADHD (earlier ADD – attention deficit disorder) is a frequentchildhood disorder sometimes continued in adults. Children suffering from it areusually hyperactive and have problem being focused on anything, sometimes geteasily aggravated and even aggressive.

Exact cause of ADHD is still unknown, but the scientists suggestthat problems with brain chemistry (neurotransmitters in the brain) and prenataltrauma may be associated with this condition. Boys are more affected with ADHD there are 10 times more boys than girls suffering from this condition.

ADHD children show three possible subtypes of the condition:

Mainly hyperactive-impulsiveMostly inattentiveCombined subtype, hyperactive and inattentive(most children have this type of ADHD)

There is no cure for the ADHD, but treatments could ease thesymptoms of hyperactivity.

What can be done?

Sometimes, pediatricians prescribe Methylphenidate drugs to ADHDkids. Medication affects the chemical signals in the brain and is believed tohelp in focusing and concentrating. But, as the other drugs, it has someserious side effects affecting appetite, weight, sleeping pattern and heart too.

Considering the possible adverse effects, some parents decide theydon’t want their child to be medicated. Luckily, there’s another option: changein diet, herbal remedies and counseling. Some substances, like synthetic foodcolors, milk, chocolate, sugar and preservatives may provoke ADHD. Removing themfrom your child’s diet may improve the condition. Change what your child eat:avoid food additives like nitrates or synthetic food colors, caffeine (fromthe soft drinks) and excessive sugar they might be worsening the ADHDsymptoms.

Since the 1970s Germans use valerian,as the ADHD proven remedy. Because of the unpleasant taste valerian is sold astincture. A German study shows that children respond well to the valerian treatment,improving their learning skills and reaction time, anxiety and aggressivenessare milder, and 25% of treated children have been recovered completely fromADHD.

Catnip is anotherEuropean herb for ADHD treatment, usually used with valerian.

French kids usually take some lindenflower tea, to calm them down. You could find linden tea (sometimes calledFrench or English herb tea) in many of the natural food stores or groceries.

Hyperactivity tincture is made of 1 teaspoon f valerian rhizome, ½a teaspoon of catnip leaves tincture, ½ a teaspoon of passionflower leaves, ¼ ofa teaspoon of peppermint tincture and ¼ of a teaspoon f linden flowers tincture.Mix all of the ingredients and use several times a day.

Primrose oil is knownin PMS (premenstrual syndrome) therapy, but may also be helpful with ADHD. It calmsthe hyperactivity and eases the sleeping problems in ADHD kids. The oil is soldin capsules so make sure to adjust the dose to your child.

Some doctors suggest theuse of magnesium vitamin B complex and vitamin C supplements to the ADHDpatients.

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