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Fear, and anxiety may stop an individual from functioning correctly. The effects of certain types of fear caused by experiences or simply some of many different phobias, may cause one to restrain him or herself from any physical contact.

Nevertheless, there are the numerous solutions for fighting fear and many of those are recommended by homeopathy. Namely, depending on the type of fear and the causes of it, there are numerous different homeopathic medications for numerous fears and phobias.

Various Homeopathic Medications for Fighting Fear

One of the best medications for fear and anxiety manifesting through persistent fear, even upon waking up, dizziness and nausea throughout the day, headache and eye pain as well as restlessness, redness of the face and terrible sensation of thirst is Aconite. This homeopathic medication successfully removes all of the above mentioned symptoms as well as many other products and manifestations of fear. This medication is best for constant fears and anxiety, mostly regarding death or some daily, constant phobias.

Moreover, anxious, restless people who fear that their health will be negatively altered can use Arsenium. Also, pathologic perfectionists and those suffering from uneasiness and anxiety caused by conditions such as asthma may also benefit from Arsenium.

Constant, unquenchable thirst is also one of the main symptoms of fear in necessity of this type of treatment. Additionally, vomiting, sleeping disorders, exhaustion and many others are also a known symptoms.

Calcarea carbonica is the best homeopathic cure for those who are extremely prone to getting cold and fear cold sensations and conditions. Most often these people tend to be tired to the very exhaustion and have a strong craving for sweets. These people are extremely sensitive to negative news and surroundings. Besides for sweets they may have cravings for eggs and food in general, avoiding too fatty types of it.

People who tend to be paralyzed by fear, left unable to move when exposed to it, as well as those who fear certain events such as tests, public exposure or perhaps a visit to the doctor or a dentist may benefit from Gelsemium. This homeopathic medication removes all the symptoms behind these types of anxiety, thus directly eliminating the fear itself.


There are numerous other medications that homeopathy offers and, depending on the type of fear you have, you may choose or let your homeopath suggest you the best one. Some of additional medications that deal with different types of fear are Ignatia amara, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Silicea and many others. Get informed in order to get well and fight away the fears preventing you to enjoy your everyday existence.

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