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In the modern times we are all partsof a medicine as a science. It has offered cures for many discomforts ofmenopause in the women. Women may be saved of all theconditions and side-effects this stage of life may bring, just byhormone replacement. Artificial, synthetic hormones were supposed todo the trick and remove all of the symptoms of this unpleasantcondition. However, this approach has been found to be unhealthy, bynoone else but the creators of it themselves.

Namely, recently, due to possibledangers these hormones may cause to women, their benefit for one'sorganism has been put under a giant question mark. Additionally, fiveyears, being the maximum recommended exposure to these medications,are clearly not enough since, for some women, this condition lastsfar longer.

Having been lead to this medicaldead-end, one must turn around and look for additional solutions.Homeopathy offers some of them and they may prove to be more thanworthwhile.

Pros Regarding Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy regards a human being as awhole. As such, in order to treat a certain condition, one needs totake care of him or herself as a whole since everything is connectedin a circle of cause and effect. Such is the situation withmenopausal symptoms as well. In order to relieve a woman from those,she must be relieved of all the factors which may be causing them,taking her history of hormonal activity during pregnancy, before andduring menstrual and menopausal periods into consideration. Havingthis said, homeopathic medicine treats a woman as a whole, since manyelements making her a whole may cause menopausal conditions such ashot flashes and many others.

Furthermore, homeopathic medicines,being completely safe and natural, may be combined with any hormonaltherapy a woman may undergo, without any danger of side-effectscaused by the combination of the two.

Finally, the relationship createdbetween a homeopath and the woman patient may prove to be one of themain remedies. By getting to know each other better, the practitionermay find out about the medical and hormonal history of the woman aswell as many other factors crucial for the choice of the correct andthe most effective medication. This is extremely important, since, inmost cases, hot flashes are not often the only symptom. Nausea,irritation and agitation, sweating as well as fatigue, drowsiness andmany others form the menopausal circle of discomfort. Only by knowingall of these a homeopathy practitioner can be able to choose theright medication. This is what makes this doctor-patient relationshipso valuable and effective.

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