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Problems with heartburn

If you have tried all the conventional types of medications, then it is maybe the right moment to start considering turning to the more traditional and unconventional ways of homeopathy. The first stop is to thwart the initial problem causing the heartburn. It is already a known fact that the stomach acid actually aids in the process of food digestion and is thus considered to be more of a helper than a harmer. But, despite this, there is one tiny problem and that is the fact that our bodies actually make more of it than really needed. So closing the mechanisms that are responsible for its production will help you ward off the uncontrolled flow of it in your stomach, as well as its tendency to leave this primary area of movement and get back and cause harm to the esophagus. One of the solutions is turning to the over-the-counter medicines, whose primary purpose is to function as acid formation blockers. Some of the more widespread ones are cimetidine and ranitidine, and they have a 50% efficiency rate, i.e. half of those suffering from heartburn do find them quite helpful. Even more efficient are those medicines known as proton pump inhibitors, which have an even greater efficiency and success rate.

What else can be helpful?

Turn to antacid

This acid neutralizer is safe to take every six hours a day and is considered to be very effective and helpful in battling this awkward condition. OTC antacids can be found in a couple of forms and the most available ones are tablets and liquids, which are known to have work as heartburn coolers. One important warning is that you should not overdose, since they have fairly inconvenient side effects such as diarrhea and constipation. In case they slip your mind in the course of day, you should not miss taking one in the nighttime at any cost because that is when heartburn is at its strongest.

Mind the meal-clock

Even though everybody is always emphasizing how important it is to take a bit of rest after a meal, for those suffering from heartburn, this might not be the best thing to do. Actually, all those who hit the bed right after the meal and do so face down, are only increasing the risk of heartburn occurrence. Therefore, it is wiser to halt and let an hour pass before you throw yourself in bed. And if you can wait a bit longer, let us say 2-3 hours, until the stomach empties, then you do not have to worry at all and can socialize with your bed as long as you like.

Mind your drinks

Alcohol does little good to anybody, especially to your stomach, so therefore, it is good to avoid it and not cause any stomach-fuss. Another one on the list to be avoided is coffee because the caffeine present in it has the ability to loosen the sphincter, thus making way for the occurrence of the acid reflux, which in turn is the main culprit for and cause of heartburn.

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