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Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and the main symptoms

GERD is a health condition in which acid tends to back up from the stomach, thus causing esophagus to become either irritated of inflamed. This acid helps in the process of food digestion, so when it gets in touch with esophagus, it can damage it, because this organ is not resistant to this acid like, for example, the inner lining in the stomach is. The real cause of this disease has not been discovered yet, but it is known that certain unhealthy habits such as use of alcohol, smoking, poor posture and obesity, or even the ones regarding diet and eating may make the person more prone to this condition. On the other side, certain medications and diseases, or even pregnancy may initiate GERD as well. The main symptoms that indicate this condition are heartburn, particularly if it is persistent and if it lasts for 2 hours or even longer, bitter taste in the mouth, dry cough, morning hoarseness, and wheezing.

Homeopathic remedies for GERD

Even though no cure to GERD has been found so far, it is possible to treat some of the symptoms, and to prevent the damage of the esophagus. It is usually done with the help of certain medications, along with changes in lifestyle and changes in everyday habits, but in some cases, in which none of these methods helps, surgery is necessary to achieve these goals. However, the surgery cannot cure this condition either, and it is done in a small number of cases only.

As for the homeopathic remedies, some of them have proven to be helpful when it comes to gastroesophageal reflux disease. Among the most frequently used is Nux vomica, for example, and it can be used when the person feels pain in the stomach, along with burning, bloating or even constipation, which are usually results of either overeating or eating too spicy food. Arsenicum album is helpful when the person complains about burning pain that accompanies food that tends to return to the esophagus, along with acid. This may be followed by diarrhea and burning sensation in rectum. Pulsatilla is yet another homeopathic remedy, suggested for relieving the burning pain in the stomach caused by acid. Flatulence and gasses may accompany these symptoms, and the person may feel the same as after overeating. However, whichever remedy that the person suffering from GERD chooses, it is necessary to carefully read the label and inform themselves about the recommended doses.

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