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Heartburn presents a constantlyreappearing problem to many people. However, it can be suppressed successfullywith some over-the-counter medications and a few eating arrangements as well aslifestyle changes.

Eating more often but in smallerportions is much better than eating once or twice a day but excessively. Adjustyour meals to smaller but more frequent amounts since it is known to be andexcellent way of stopping heartburn.

Avoid spicy and acidic food sincethey are known to trigger heartburn and do not lie to rest immediately aftermeal but rather wait for a few hours after eating. It goes without saying thatsnacks in the middle of the night or similar treats are not recommendedwhatsoever.

Since sleeping was mentioned, ifyou get heartburn over night, try raising the position of your head in the bedby using a foam wedge or anything harder than a pillow.

Being overweight is known to be areason for this fit, so, if you are, tries to lose some of that weight and seeif it helps.

There is a large variety ofmedications that are known to be very helpful when reducing or removingheartburn, and all most of them can be purchased in most pharmacies without aprescription.

One of these medications isantacids. These are a group of many different medications known to help withthis problem. However, since there are many of them to choose, there are manyrisks to take before finding the right one. Since almost every medication isknown to have side effects, the best thing, before you start using suchmedications, is to talk with your doctor about which would of those would suityou best.

Other group of drugs are stomachacid removers or, as they are also called, H2 blockers. However, they shouldnot be taken for a period longer than two weeks.

If previous two types ofmedications fail to work with reducing or eliminating heartburn, proton pumpinhibitors may be a solution. They are safe to use for a longer period and arenot harmful for any of the organs. However, bear in mind that it may take up tofive days of regular usage for any relief to appear.

Finally, although thesemedications are known to help, the best thing would be if a doctor suggestedyou one because that way you would be certain that this is the mostsuitable for the seriousness and persistence of your troubling heartburn.

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