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Information on Heartburn

Some of the most common causes of heartburn are the citrusfruits and tomatoes. This is largely due to the fact that these types of foodcontain excess amounts of acid which increase the production of acids in thestomach.

The end result is the condition known as heartburn. There are so manydifferent factors and causes that may trigger heartburn, and all of them varyfrom person to person.

A person may be bothered by oranges or tomatoes and haveno negative response after consuming spicy or fried foods. A person needs to becareful and isolate all different types of food that may cause heartburn.Heartburn sometimes may be associated with certain different types of cuisine,such as Italian or Mexican.

Sometimes the heartburn may be triggered by thesheer size of the meal, not the type of food. Overeating is one of the mostcommon causes of heartburn. The stomach acids tend to leak into the esophaguswhen the stomach gets full and that leads to the unpleasant burning sensation. Thosewho avoid eating types of food that may be associated with heartburn and eatsmaller meals but still suffer from heartburn should pay attention to differenttypes of beverages they ingest.

Carbonated and caffeinated beverages are knownof causing heartburn in some people. The same can be said for citrus drink andcertain types of alcoholic beverages.

Chocolate and chocolate drinks can alsotrigger heartburn in some people. Heartburn can also be associated with certaintypes of clothes a person wears. Heartburn may be caused by wearing some tight fittingclothes.

That is due to the fact that anything that puts excess pressure on thestomach may be affiliated with the occurrence of heartburn. Sometimes it may beexcess weight as well. The same could be said for an enlarged abdomen of apregnant woman.

Other Causes of Heartburn

There are also certain other factors and causes that maytrigger heartburn in some cases. Eating too quickly can be one of thosefactors. Another factor may be stress, or any type of stressful situation. Smokingand consumption of different types of tobacco products may also be associatedwith heartburn.

Heartburn can also be associated with some serious underlyingmedical conditions. Those include hiatal hernia. Numerous different herbalremedies can be helpful in providing a relief from occasional instances ofheartburn.

Frequent heartburns are much more serious. Other types of food thatmay trigger heartburn include eggs, sugars, legumes, starches, nuts, whiteflour, animal fats, pork, vegetable oils, beef, and pasta.

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