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Heartburn in pregnancy

As if the pregnancy itself isn’t strenuous enough, the pregnant women often tends to fall under the influence of a severe heartburn. When this “often” turns into numbers and statistics, it looks like this: more than half of all pregnant women do complain about this, to say the least awkward condition. Heartburn itself is a condition that caused by the stomach acid reflux, resulting in burning sensation. One of the culprits for the occurrence of heartburn in pregnancy is the change in hormone levels. Direct consequence of this is poor functioning of the digestive tract muscles, which further influences food toleration. Besides, since woman’s uterus tends to increase its size in pregnancy, this change can pressure the abdomen and initiate the movement of stomach acids in the upward direction.

Since everything you do during pregnancy, to a certain degree, influences your baby and its growth and development, taking precaution is essential. This goes for heartburn as well. There are numerous ways and actions you can take by yourself to attempt to reduce heartburn’s effect as much as possible. Some of those are: having more small meals instead of 3 big ones, eat patiently and without a rush, try to skip fried, spicy or “rich” food, take in fewer amount of liquid during the meal, avoid going to bed right after you have finished with the meal. Also, try to always keep the head-side of the bed higher than the foot of the bed. Give yourself a break from tight clothes and embrace the more casual and spacious garment, since tight clothes tends to pressure your stomach and abdomen too much and too heavily, making it hard for all the regular processes to be accomplished in a proper way.

Even though the main cause of heartburn is that in famous stomach acid reflux, not necessarily every person having trouble with the reflux is a bound to suffer from heartburn, nor is the case that those with heartburn suffer from acid reflux. Heartburn symptoms can also be a result of various other occurrences such as the intestinal movements. Despite the fact that a great majority of people has difficulty with dissimilar heartburn reflux triggers, many people actually suffer from similar heartburn related symptoms, such as burning feeling in the chest, chest pain which increases when bending or lying down, burning sensation in the throat, problems during swallowing, chronic cough, sore throat etc. Although chest pain is more common to heart attack, some of the people experiencing it may actually be suffering from a severe heartburn. Since this kind of pain is pretty similar in both cases, in order to determine which of the two is present, and additional in depth medical tests are conducted.

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