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Gas Pains in the Stomach

When the stomach is upset because it is bloated, it is actually filled with gas and hard to the touch. The pain in the stomach caused by the excessive amount of gas in it is one of the most frequent problems of the gastrointestinal system. Actually, the problem of the excessive air in this system is the natural consequence of the process of eating because, between bites, always certain amounts of air are swallowed as well. And, burps, bloats and farts are normal parts of the everyday life, but the problem is that they cause embarrassment in the individual. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to deal with this problem, especially if it becomes chronic and accompanied with the painful and the upset stomach.

How to deal with the excessive gas?

For example, bloating is the problem which could be solved by the increased intake of the foods which could move out the accumulated air in the region of the gastrointestinal system (and which cause the problem of flatulence), such as broccoli, carbonated liquids, beans which are prepared in the oven, lettuce, peaches, and pears; or it could be simply relieved by chewing a gum. The things that should be avoided, since they are very likely to cause this problem, are: the fats and the lactose because they are not easily digestible, the smoke of cigarettes, emotional pressure and all the other things that cause the infections of the digestive system (e.g. the syndrome of the irritable bowel).

However, in the case of burping, the air is accumulated in the upper region of the gastrointestinal system, and it could be aggravated with the urge to expel the acidity from the stomach and it can be the indicator of some more serious problems, such as gastritis. So, this problem should be solved by simply staying away from the carbonated beverages, chewing gums, cigarettes and sucking the liquids, and all the things that can cause the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach’s lining. Also, one could get rid of burping by not eating fast and chewing every bite enough times.

However, this not-so-seriously looking problem can be related to some severe underlying gastrointestinal diseases and the medical attention should be sought at the first notion of the persistence of the burping. So, when this problem of eructation is rather constant and stubborn and if it is accompanied by any of the following signs, one should contact the specialist: the bland stool (sometimes with the apparition of the blood), the urge for throwing up, constipation, heartburn, the painful anal region and abdomen, the increased temperature of the body and the inexplicable loss of pounds.

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