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What is indigestion?

Indigestion is also known by the names dyspepsia or upsetstomach, and it represents the lack of the ability to properly digest anything, butparticularly food. It is followed by feelings of uneasiness and discomfort inthe stomach. Indigestion is not considered to be a real illness, it simplyresults from a combination of symptoms such as the nausea, bloating and burping.There are some completely natural ways to ease these symptoms which have provento be quite helpful.

Natural ways of treating indigestion

Bryonia is an herbal supplement which is best used torelieve symptoms of nausea. If the person dealing with indigestion experiencessome vomiting or feels the food which has not yet been completely digestedreturn to the mouth, then bryonia is the herb for them. These symptoms are mostlikely to appear shortly after a meal, although that is not necessarily thecase. Some additional symptoms may include swelling, sensitivity in theabdominal area, as well as severe pain.

Should these symptoms manifestthemselves in their full intensity, there are ways to feel instant, buttemporary, relief. One thing to do is to lie down on the back while placing thelegs as high as possible. Drinking a glass of cool, refreshing water maybe surprisingly helpful, not only because water can soothe the pressure in thestomach, but also because the tongue tends to become completely dried out,which results in the appearance of a kind of a white substance that has quite anunpleasant smell.

Another herb which can be helpful with taking care ofindigestion is carbo vegetabilis. Carbo vegetabilis is very successful ingetting rid of feelings of nausea, bloating and stomach ache.

Maybe the worstthing about indigestion in this case is that it makes the person feel almostconstantly hungry, but as soon as they take in a very small amount of food,they are unable to keep eating due to the rising discomfort in the abdominalarea.

Sometimes, this kind of indigestion is a result of food poisoning or afrequent intake of alcohol. Also, there are certain food types that are evenmore difficult to digest than the rest of them. Those are usually foods thatare rich in fats and oil, but these foods can also include beans and fish, aswell as beverages such as milk and coffee. Carbo vegetabilis should be morethan able to ease these symptoms and allow for proper digestion.

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