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A good alternative to regular medicament, especially one with nasty side effects can be Homeopathic medicine. It treats a wide range of disorders and diseases, and unlike regular medicament, it takes a different approach on how to treat the patient completely, both mentally and physically. This approach means to address the patient as a whole person, with its habits and way of life, not just to cure the illness, but to find a cause too.

Because homeopathic remedy has a completely different view and approach to illness, the therapy is different too. Instead of dealing with illness as a consequence, homeopathic treatment for diabetes addresses the causes of this, and tries to make the whole body heal itself by introducing symptoms to the whole body.

There is no known side effect, but if in doubt, consult your doctor or homeopathic expert for dosage and frequency of use. Depending on what remedy you choose, you can apply it either daily or several times a day, or even hourly. If you do not see improvement after a reasonable period of time, use a different remedy, and then wait again for the results. The usual principle is to start slowly and see how it works, and then go from there.

There are several ways to treat cancer with the homeopathic approach.

To use this approach in cases of cancer is to address the whole body of patient. This would be the classical approach. It concerns with the overall patient aspects of life; emotional, personal, physical and mental state. And after that, choose the homeopathic remedy that will attack the tumor directly.

Another approach would be the remedy that heals all of patient’s eliminative organs (liver, urinary tract, kidneys, lymphatic system, etc.), and helps the body to detoxify more successfully. Such remedies can be substances that contain heavy metals, for example.

One of the different approaches could be remedies that attack and target tumors themselves. That be the case, the homeopathic remedy of choosing must be matched with the kind of tumor itself. Those remedies can be applied directly to the areas with the tumor.

To determine the real effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in cases of cancer, we must know that in the U.S., the most common practice among doctors and homeopathic experts is to combine regular medications with homeopathic treatments. Part of that combined approach is also therapy for the immune system and nutritious. If this combination of treatments is applied correctly, depending of skills of the specialists, results may be very promising.

Cancer – specific homeopathic remedies are several.One of the most used is Arsenicum Album, especially on terminal cancer patients. Arsenicum Album works on several various levels; mental and emotional level, and that include symptoms like:-despair of recovery-fear of death, cancer, disease (this could include even members of immediate family, who shares that fears with patient)-survival issues-obsessive/compulsive stiff behavior (for example, in cases when patient becomes so involved with its daily routine, and slight change in scheduler moves it deeply)-fear of poverty (not be able to pay medical bills, or to support itself, etc,)

Arsenicum Album works on the psychological level too. It helps body parts (nervous system, kidneys and adrenals et.) of cancer patient to relax and work better. Usual symptoms to treat with this homeopathic remedy are:-neck stiffness-cold hands-eczema, on scalp or hands-craves for sour drinks and food-itchy scalp-burning pain deep inside the body, sometimes combined with heat

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