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Allergic Reactions

About 22 millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergic symptoms. Springtime may be the best or the worst time for you, depending on how you feel. For people suffering from allergies it’s most certainly bad time. These days it’s not just spring problem, because it may last from March until November. These people might sneeze, have runny nose and watery eyes, or even experience hay fever. Actually, every person reacts differently to allergic stimulus, with a set of individual symptoms.

Homeopathic Treatment for Allergies

Homeopathy might help to relieve symptoms of a present allergy and prevent the future problems, curing the cause of the allergy. If you decide to use homeopathic medicine, make sure you consult a qualified practitioner, who will advise the best remedies for your condition.

Allium cepa is a remedy made from red onion. It is proven to help reducing the watery eyes and runny nose. Patients that need to be treated with allium often feel worsening of symptoms when they are inside and also in the evening. Sometimes, fresh air improves the condition.

Arsenicum album (also known as Metallicum album) is useful to treat burning sensation in both eyes and the nose. Symptoms are worst late at night and when the patient is outside. Warmth can relieve some of the symptoms, which is used to definitely confirm the need for this remedy.

Arundo patients have severe itching problem. Lips, nose, eyes and even ears of these patients are extremely itchy. Sometimes, these people can lose the sense of smell and sneeze a lot.

Euphrasia patients have burning and irritated red eyes and sneeze a lot. Warmth and fresh air can reduce the severity of the symptoms and being inside, especially in the evening makes symptoms even worse.

Sabadilla is used to treat allergies that cause sneezing fits (10 times and more in a row) and intensively runny nose. Some of these patients may experience serious headaches and lump sensation in the throat.

Natural Cures for Allergies

Studies have shown that allergies might be triggered or worsened by animal products. So, try eating all vegan food in the time of the worst allergic symptoms. If you can’t, at least decrease intake of meat and milk products. Additionally, raw fruits and vegetables contain quercetin, which is a favorable substance in allergic therapies. Quercetin is also available as a supplement.

Some herbs are proven to be helpful in the treatment of allergies. Nettle, ephedra, echinacea and especially garlic have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. They are known to boost the immune system and help the body fight against different disorders, including allergies.

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