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Disorder Facts

Lichen planus is a chronic disorder of the skin and oral mucos. It is usually presented as shiny itchy rash, small bumps, pink or purple in color, mouth ulcers and rash, bluish tongue or cheeks, and some flaking skin. Some lichen planus patients experience itching and rash of the uro-genital area.

Lichen planus is not the infections with the lichens, but it got the name because the affected skin looks like lichen. The cause of this disorder is unknown, but it might be connected with the stress. All we know so far that this condition is not infectious therefore you can’t get it from an ill person.

Lichen planus is often present in people diagnosed with hepatitis C.

Some medications might cause lichenoid side effects. It includes arthritis, hypertension and heart medications. Also, allergic reactions to amalgam usually look like lichen.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy considers every illness as a sign of a deeper problem. It is believed that internal disbalance inside the person causes problems and they are reflected on our health condition. The homeopathic practitioner starts the appointment by taking the medical and personal notes about the patient. They consider every aspect of the persons’ life. Every symptom and feeling the patient has is equally important to diagnose the condition of the patients’ health and choose the right treatment. After the appointment homeopath prescribes and usually makes the remedy, advising the patient how it should be used and in what doses.

Homeopathic remedies used in lichen planus treatment are usually: arsenicum album, sulphur or borax.

Arsenicum album is used in lichen planus patients that experience itching in many parts of their body. Skin on their abdomen and rectum are usually the itchiest area of the body. The skin on the chest is covered with small, purple bumps and spots, and elsewhere on the body the skin is painfully swollen, shiny and covered with blisters. Homeopaths recommend this remedy (Arsenicum album 30, where 30 is the homeopathic potential of the remedy) to be used two times a day.

Sulphur is often prescribed as the remedy for many skin disorders. It should be used when patients have dry, hard and flaking skin, usually quite itchy, especially in the evening. Sulphur is prescribed for thin, sensitive people, who don’t tolerate the heat. Psychologically, sulphur is for depressive or irritated patients, always disorganized or just lazy. It is used as sulphur 30, two times a day for 15 days.

Borax (potential 4x) is used to treat lichen planus blisters in the mouth. It is supposed to be used twice a day, too.

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