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Natural breast enlargement

We will mention some remedies that you can use for the breast enlargement. This way of increasing the volume of the breast is not very popular since many people do not trust this method. Be sure that there is no natural way for the breast to grow few sizes, but the same goes with the breast pump, which advertises that it can increase the size from A to D in a matter of few weeks only. However, some say that there is something natural, which can help you increase the size for a few inches, and we will talk about the way of accomplishing this.


If we use a plant that stimulates the receptors of estrogen, we will make breasts bigger, but some of the plants that have this effect can produce complications after some time. Most harmless are pueraria mirifica, hops, fennel seed, damiana, black cohosh, wild yam, saw palmetto and fenugreek, among which the most popular are pueraria mirifica, wild yam and fenugreek.

The first we will discuss in detail is the wild yam. The use of this herb will have beneficial effect on the digestion, liver, blood sugar level, cholesterol balancing, and inflammation and will even help in relaxing your muscles. You can use fenugreek as well, which can be found as supplement in America. We advise you to use 500 mg three times during the day. It can make breasts bigger and firmer, but it can also help with the fever, arthritis, anemia, diarrhea, diabetes, cough and increased blood pressure. The third is the pueraria mirifica, and the use of this plant can even enlarge breast for 80%; at least this is what the people of Thailand, the Native County of this herb, think. Take from 800 to 1000 mg of pueraria mirifica during the day, and it will also help you with the skin and hair health. Kwao krua is the second name that is used for this herb.

As for the breast enlargement in men, the mentioned methods should work on them as well, though this has not been confirmed. The use of fenugreek is essential to natural breast enhancers. It can regulate hormones and increase the flow of mother's milk. Saw palmetto can increase the breasts size and remove urinary tract infection. Another important item is vitamin E, along with dandelion root, fennel seeds, Marshmallow root extract and watercress leaves. Massages may bring some results. At the end, we will give you two more natural breast enhancers you can try. These are blessed thistle and dong quai.

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