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Home Tricks for Rapid Breast Growth

Breasts are the decoration of every woman, but a small number of them are truly pleased with their boobs. Breasts are always either too big or too small, even when men with whom women share the most intimate moments enjoy them, women are still not satisfied. Millions of women desperately want to have larger breasts, which would nicely fill their cleavage.

Plastic surgery is one of the options, but fear of going under the knife, prevents many woman to indulge themselves in the doctor's hands.

But there is another way for breast enlargement, which assumes increased intake of estrogen through food. Estrogen is a very important hormone that is responsible for the development of women's breast at puberty and the appearance of the menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, puberty for many woman ends before full breast development, resulting in small breasts. But if woman increases intake of this hormone, she will not need surgery to enlarge breast because the body will do that task by itself.


Given that estrogen is natural substance, it may be found in different plants. In the "wild", it is known as phytoestrogen and it can be obtained from soybeans, tofu, and flax seed.

Flax seeds contain the highest amount of estrogen which can be obtained from a plant. These seeds can be put in a salad or other light food.

Given that contains estrogen, soy is the main ingredient in products that promise breast enlargement. With a proper diet containing soy, woman can expect miracles. Soy in combination with barley, rice and dairy products will help in increasing breast in natural way.

It is known that green vegetables positively affect health of the whole organism, and the iron contained in them allegedly operates in breast enlarging. Calcium has a similar effectiveness as iron, while caffeine slows down and reduces the growth of breast tissue. One coffee a day is quite enough.

Some people hate it, some people love it, but tofu is a third food which contains the largest amount of estrogen from all foods in the world. Just like soya, tofu is a relatively frequently present in coking, which makes it great in the mission of breast enlarging.

The ideal daily amount would be 100 to 200 milligrams of these foods, which is contained in 350 grams of soy milk or 75 grams of soy cheese. This food is also effective in relieving menstrual problems and heat strokes.

Other foods rich in phytoestrogens are an Indian nut, peanut, oat flakes, corn, wheat, apples and almonds.

Breast Muscles Exercising

It is well known how important exercise is for each body part, especially for the breasts. Pressing the palm against the palm is the exercise that can be done even on the break at work. But still, the most effective will be push ups which will certainly strengthen the breast muscles and lift them up. There are many other exercises which won't enlarge breast, but they will certainly contribute to their firmness and better and younger look that will help the whole body figure look nicer.

Choosing the Right Bra

When purchasing a bra, choosing the right model is crucial for a nice appearance of the breasts. Woman should choose a model in which her breasts look nice, but she shouldn't neglect the comfort. The bra that pushes the breasts or leaves a trace on shoulders isn't comfortable, which will certainly negatively affect posture and mood.

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