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This text will talk about wild yam and its beneficial effects on humans. We all know that this herb has a reputation of a woman's herb, but wild yam is not only beneficial for women. There are numerous other benefits. In the past, this herb was used for treating colic, so it gained named colic root. There are many reasons why humans should consume wild yam.

Benefits of wild yam

This herb has antispasmodic effects, which make it very good for the treatment of certain conditions. The name women herb comes from the fact that it is used for treating spasms in the intestines, like those induced by the menstrual period, but this herb can help with the uterine pain, intestinal colic, rheumatoid arthritis, ovarian pain as well as with soothing the diverticulitis and dysmenorrhea. Other problems that can be treated with wild yam are stomach problems, bilious colic, conjunctive, yellow skin, and colic followed by spasmodic contractions. If women consume wild yam, their reproductive system will benefit greatly. In the past, wild yam was also used for manufacturing contraceptive hormones, but the fact is that the use of wild yam increases the glandular functionality, which is one of the main reasons why herb is used today. From wild yam, a cream can be made, and when applied on eczema, it will help with the problem. The use of this herb will have beneficial effect on respiratory, nervous and urinary systems.

There are several beneficial chemicals found in the wild yam. Dioscoretine lowers blood sugar, while tannins, alkaloid, starch and steroidal saponins have overall effects on humans. This herb, which can be found in pills or tea, is good for enhancement of breast (because of the phytonutrients), sexual stimulation, making vaginal ointments, relieving menopause troubles and for the increase of fertility. We have mentioned that it was used for making birth control pills, but it can increase fertility as well. However, it has to be used in small amounts, not more than 20 drops during one day. The use of wild yam will make the menstrual period more regular, and it will also make the egg more ready for the fertilization. All of these effects will help your reproductive system. Breast cysts can be treated because of the plant hormone precursors.

Using wild yam is advisable when you are having fibrosis, depression, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, problems with overweight or fluid retention. It also helps with the inflammation and stress, since it helps with the production of certain hormones that are anti-inflammatory. Wild yam is also used for the production of steroid hormones, since it contains diosgenin, and for the stimulation of bile flow and dilating blood vessels.

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