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There are many invasive ways toenlarge your breasts, but since these ways have potential risks, the many womenwant to enlarge their breasts in some other, more natural ways. Many womenhave low self-esteem because of the size of their breasts and that can resultin depression and poor self-image. Implants are very expensive, have potentialrisks and sometimes they do not look exactly as it is wanted.

Herbs and breast enlargement

There were some attempts toenlarge breasts with the help of some drugs, but those attempts did not givedesirable results. However, now we have pills for increasing the size ofbreasts, which seem to be working. There are a lot of herbs and naturalproducts that can cope with this problem as well. Plants like dong quai, kelp,fennel seed and fenugreek are full of hormones that can enhance breast growth.The results are not the same in every woman who uses these products, and whilesome women will experience desirable changes regarding the size of theirbreasts, others will not. However, this is a natural way to help yourself, andthere are no unwanted effects, so you can always try it without worrying thatsomething might go wrong. The important thing is that these herbs are not onlyhelping you to enlarge your breasts, but they are also beneficial for yourgeneral health.

It is best to talk to your doctorif you want to enlarge your breasts, and he will inform you about every optionthat is available. When you are familiar with them, you will decide which oneis the best for you. We will mention some herbs that have given the bestresults so far.

Fennel, Blessed Thistle, Licoriceand Fenugreek

Fennel is extremely helpful instimulating the production of milk and it increases the level of estrogen inmothers who use it. Blessed thistle is a plant that affects breast growth, butuntil today, it is not quite clear how exactly it works. We are sure that ithelps with the digestion and gasses in the stomach or bowels. Licorice herbhelps in ovary and menstrual issues. This plant can increase the level ofestrogen and prolactin and, by doing that, it stimulates the enlargement ofbreasts. Fenugreek is used for a long time like a traditional remedy, and it isknown that it enhances lactation in mothers of newborns in natural way.However, its effect on chemicals in a human body is still an enigma.

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