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The are many women today that want to have larger breasts however to go through a surgical enlargement can cost you a tidy sum of money approximately ten thousand dollars. There are alternatives on the market so you need not panic and break the bank just yet, there are plenty of all natural remedies to help with enlarging your breasts to choose from.


Herbalists recommend highly the Feneugreek Seed Extract because it has an extremely high concentration of the different plant extracts which are fundamental for herbal breast enlargement. As well as that it also is used as a hormone regulator and is said it has been used to care for the menopausal symptoms and it can also balances the system in females.

Fennel Seed

Has something called flavonoids which cause something called the estrogenic effect. Basically this boosts the configuration of the new cells and tissues in the breasts. During your life your skin will inevitably take on toxins which unfortunately block the cells. So the fennel seed will proceed to remove these toxins and boost the growth rate of your cells once again.

Dong Quai Root

Is known for helping with women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome as it helps your body to use the hormones efficiently and effectively. There are some scientists who consider that one achievement of Dong Quai is to encourage the natural progesterone synthesis. Painful menstruation can be helped considerably with the use of Blessed Thistle Herb. This herb has also been associated with helping with digestion and circulation. This herb has estrogenic properties which are in fact very strong and because of this is used for mothers who are nursing.One of the perennial plants is Dandelion Root this contributes to the secretion and excretion of the body. The secretion boost helps to make the new cells and tissues in the breast and the excretion stimulation created helps to cleanse and purify the estrogen receptor areas which inevitably get blocked.

Vitamin E’s

Best resource is found in watercress, it is known as the fertility vitamin which is therefore necessary for the enlargement of the breasts. This vitamin assists the body to use given oxygen and will unavoidably amplify your physical endurance level and thus improve your hearts response.


Absorbs fats and can help with obesity cellulitis and rheumatism. It is great for the brain and your thyroid. It will also improve your skin, nails and hair.

So as well as using these natural remedies for enlarging your breasts you can also use the added benefits of them.

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