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Wild yam or Dioscorea villosa is also known as the colic root.Sweet potato and wild yam may look similar, but they’re not. The difference isvisible in the roots, because wild yam roots are not tubers or fleshy like insweet potato. There are some 600 species of wild yam, widely used to treat some“women” health issues, fertility being one of the main problems.

Why is Wild Yam So Good

Wild yam is used in many different women health problems,but can also be the treatment suitable for men. This type of herb is known as thenatural therapy for the menopausal pains, morning sickness, childbirth pain, spasms,rheumatoid arthritis, digestion and skin improvement and asthma. It can alsohelp maintaining the proper functioning of all glands in the body, and provide nutrientsin order to keep healthy several systems in the human organism. Nervous,respiratory and urinary systems are found to respond to the nutrients found inwild yam. Eczema, poor circulation and neuralgia are also the conditions thatcan be managed with this herb.

Menopausal women may benefit from wild yam, since it hasbeen used to balance the hormones and decrease the pain. Although this effecthasn’t been scientifically proven, many women used cream made of wild yam, manufacturedexactly for this purpose.

Menstrual cramps, spasms, and some uterine and ovarian pain arebelieved to be treatable with wild yam. This herb possesses some anti-spasmodicproperties, which is the reason behind this use.

Rheumatoid arthritis patients also use wild yam frequently. Itcan significantly decrease the inflammation of the joints and relieve thesymptoms of this disease.

Fertility Benefits

Women suffering from infertility of fertility problems oftenturned to wild yam as the perfect solution. This plant has been used for yearsas the fertility aid, and 10 to 20 drops of wild yam solution, used from thefirst day of the cycle to the ovulation are said to increase fertility inwomen.

This use has not been supported by the scientific studies,and none show any improvement in fertility during the treatment with wild yam. However,just the fact that this herb regulates menstrual cycles, hormones and some PMSsymptoms may be sufficient to aid in infertility.

Do Not Use Wild Yam Without Consulting Doctor

Do not use any wild yam products unless you have consultedyour doctor and he/she approved these supplements. Pregnant women are advisedto avoid wild yam and all products that might contain this herb, since it is notknown how it may affect the unborn child.

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