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At the beginning, we want to make it clear that this article doesn\'t discuss about the bird called thrush. We are taking about a yeast infection of the mouth which bears the same name as the bird. This disease can affect almost anybody but it slightly favors older adults and babies.

What Causes Thrush?

There is a reason why this condition usually affects babies and older people and the reason is the immune system. Those two groups are suitable because their immune system is very weak and cannot regulate the mustering of yeast. Thrush produces some white patches on the cheeks, tongue and mouth and they might bleed if scrubbed with a toothbrush and produce serious pain. Infection can even spread to the back area of the throat, gums and tonsils. Felling that the food you have swallowed is stuck in your throat or problems with swallowing can suggest a serious case. Some diseases help thrush to develop. Such is chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis which is a mouth and skin candida infection, and which always happens from time to time. Reduced immune system while suffering HIV/AIDS, is known for assisting thrush in the development. Because of the same reason, cancer can also help. Vaginal yeast infections are suitable for the production of thrush. Babies receive oral thrush from their mothers. The high level of sugar in saliva during diabetes can assist the thrush development.

Remedies for Thrush you can find in your Home

This condition is not easy to get rid of, depending on the severity of the disease. You can use the next home remedies for the fight with thrush which can last from a week to even several months.

Oral hygiene is very important. You should never use mouthwash while having thrush because it negatively helps the healing process. Also, be sure to by a new toothbrush after the thrush recedes. However, the most important part is to brush your teeth two times a day and always to floss. Use of a mixture of myrrh, Echinacea and licorice in a way you use a mouthwash, every three or four hours, can be a productive home remedy. Another mixture which can help is the one made of water and salt. People suffering from thrush should rinse their mouth with this liquid. In the same way, you can use the mix of cider vinegar, warm water and salt in order to defeat the fungus. Garlic and onions should be consumed in greater quantities, because they are known as candida eliminators. Rinsing your mouth with yogurt is also effective but you cannot eat for some time afterward. Thrush can be passed from mother to the baby and mother should watch out for strong breast pain, extremely sensitive nipples, or shiny areola skin.

Mothers who are breastfeeding have to pay attention to the fact that the thrush can affect clothing. Because of this plastic barrier, free nursery pad should be used. As we have mentioned oral hygiene is the most important thing, so wash you dentures and leave them soaking during the night. You should naturally clean them with water in the morning to get rid of the solution. Breastfeeding women should pay additional attention to the hygiene and to cleaning baby bottles and pacifiers, and the medicine called nystatin can be used for cleaning the nipples after the breastfeeding.

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