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We live in a world where appearances do make the difference, and two of the best weapons are certainly big smile and shiny white teeth. But in order to keep that sunny smile, you just have to make those more than frequent visits to your dentist, which are to say the least, for many too financially consuming. Here the aid of proper care does not play the most important role since there are so many factors which can diminish its benefits, such as coffee, tea, soda, smoking and some medicines. To add up to this already bleach outlook, there is also the issue of food that somehow always manages to get stuck in between the teeth, making the process of brushing it out often a rather tedious one. Since there are so many obstructions on the way to white shiny teeth, you will have to give up on those cheap toothpastes because that just doesn’t cut the mustard. And visiting a professional from time to time in order to whiten your teeth…well let’s just say that only a few can afford that kind of luxury. In case you are not among those few and still want to whiten and bleach your teeth by means of creams, gels, trays from the drugstores, then you can also go down the more natural road and do all of the before mentioned from the comfort of your own home.


The first on the list of little home helpers is certainly the baking soda, agreed upon the majority of dentists to be a safe and fairly good teeth whitener. Following up is the hydrogen peroxide, which is certainly considered to be the most desirable. Perhaps a tiny downfall is that it may cause a bit of pain in your gums, but you will certainly have teeth that are not only cleaner, but also whiter. To many, this may sound as something highly improbable, but the fact remains that the strawberries are actually quite effective in this case. Their secret lies in that they contain certain whitening teeth agents of natural origin, and besides, their seeds can be used for teeth cleaning. In case you need more, you can also employ the DIY tooth paste method. Namely, you can make a toothpaste whose main ingredients would be hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, a small amount of toothpaste and table salt. Just mix it all well and start brushing away those nasty stains.

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