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Halitosis is medical term for bad breath. This condition is rather embarrassing and everybody has experienced halitosis for at least once in lifetime. This condition is mainly caused by bacteria that are present in oral cavity. Still some forms of halitosis are cause by other diseases such as gastritis or even severe ones such as liver cirrhosis.

The form of halitosis caused by bacteria occurs due to remains of food which decay and form foul odor. Additionally those people who are suffering from gum diseases as well as those with tooth cavity tend to have bad breath more than people who regularly visit dentists and treat the previously mentioned diseases. Even some medications such as antidepressants may lead to changes in mouth resulting with bad breath.

Transitory bad breath occurs due to alcohol consumption, smoking and tobacco chewing. Dryness of mouth is another cause of this unpleasant condition. So avoiding bad habits and regular check up at a dentist as well as appropriate mouth hygiene can improve the situation. Luckily there is variety of home remedies that can be effective in reduction of foul mouth odor.

Brushing teeth after every meal has to be regular. Even flossing can help in removal of food leftovers.

After regular brushing of teeth with toothpaste one may try brushing teeth and tongue with baking soda. The effect of baking soda is impeding in process of bacterial multiplication. Salt water may be as effective as baking soda.

People who are suffering from gum disease may use hydrogen peroxide as it will mechanically remove the remains of the food therefore reduce the possible culprits of bad breath. The mouth is only gargled with hydrogen peroxide.

As for diet those people who have problems with bad breath need to stay away from refined carbohydrates and sugars. Food like chocolate and other sweets make the mouth bacteria flourish. This refers to sodas as well as they are also rich in sugar.

In order to maintain sufficient production of saliva which is the leading warrior against bacteria one must drink plenty of water. Approximately six to eight cups of water a day will do.

A tea made of a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and 1/2 liter of water can be effective. This tea is drunk and the preparation lasts only 15 minutes.

Since constipation may lead to bad breath in all those who are prone to constipation increased intake of foods rich in fibers may be beneficial. Avocado is a fruit that can help in removal of decomposed substances from intestines. These toxic leftovers are possible culprits of bad breath. Bleeding from gum and consequent halitosis is reduced by chewing of unripe guava fruit.

Home remedies are effective up to certain extend and one should additionally visit a dentist or doctor to establish the real cause of halitosis. This way if the cause is known it can be treated and the symptoms will vanish.

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