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People have always appreciated a brightand perfect smile as something of the aesthetic perfection. Thus, othershave always wanted to achieve this effect by using numerous ways andrecipes which whiten one's teeth. It is a fact that our teeth tend to getstained and lose its whiteness in time, mostly because of ourlifestyles. Drinks like coffee, different types of food, cigarettesand many other leave stains on our teeth. These are hard to beremoved, and the loss of whiteness is often gradual being very hardto notice and act timely.

Various medicines, gels, mouthwashesand similar products exist for this purpose. However, most of these are quiteexpensive while the effect is often either mild or completely absent.Even though dentists may help with this problem, the cost of theprocedure is again an obstruction since these stains will return andmore visits may be required.

Finally, there are many natural ways tosolve this problem, most of them are cheap but effective and do noteven require you leaving your home.

Natural Teeth Whiteners

One of the oldest and most populartricks involves applying baking soda to your teeth. You may eitheruse it alone, or mix it with the toothpaste you are using in order tocover up the taste of the baking soda. Along with this comes thecheap and easily obtainable hydrogen peroxide. Several weeks of usageare needed for the real results to appear but it is definitelyeffective. One may gargle it or apply it on the teeth with the toothbrush. However, swallowing is not recommended. You may even createyour own toothpaste from these two previously mentioned elements. Thecombination of the two is excellent for daily use and the effectswill be obvious.

Strawberries contain substancesexcellent for teeth whitening. You may rub them directly on the teethor mash them to create something similar to a toothpaste. However,wash your teeth regularly afterwards since these contain someunwanted elements like sugar.

Strange as it may sound, wood ash canbe used for these purposes. Believe it or not, it is a very goodteeth whitener. It may be applied directly to the teeth or toothpastemay be added to it. Bear in mind that this procedure may damage yourteeth if used too often.

Finally, good, regular but a bitstronger tooth brushing followed by rinsing can often be an excellentmeans of preventing stains from appearing. Also, you may combine allthe elements mentioned above, amplifying the overall effect.

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