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Having perfect smile has become obsession for many peoplearound the globe. Nothing is too good or too expensive in order to get that bigsmile with incredibly white teeth. Cosmetic dentists have their hands full,especially with the people getting married and wanting to shine on that specialday.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is the best option, because he/she is ableto check the condition of your teeth and suggest the solution which will workbest for you. Always make sure that your dentist is registered before the startof any procedure or even consultation. Zoom whitening is the most popularprocedure these days. After just one visit to the dentist and zoom procedure,you can expect significantly whiter teeth. Some patients even reported teeth10 shades lighter than they were before.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Of course, you can always try some teeth whitening kits, availableon the market, so you won’t spend so much money on your teeth. Be very carefulabout these products and use them only with your dentist’s supervision, inorder to prevent any potential damage to the teeth. There are some whitening stripswith added bleaching agent. People who tried these say they work, and that somegreat results can be achieved after just 2 weeks or regular appliance of thesestrips.

Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth

There are several things you might want to try to get rid ofthe stains or yellowing on your teeth.

First of all quit smoking, because it won’t get you eitherstain-free or white teeth. Avoid carbonated drinks, tea and coffee or try towash your mouth every time you drink these. When drinking something sweet oracidic use a straw, to protect and keep your teeth whiter. Whitening toothpastesusually contain abrasive agents and bleaching substances, but they are provedto work.

You can make your own toothpaste, using baking soda andadding some diluted hydrogen peroxide. This mixture should whiten your teeth effectively,since the peroxide is the bleaching agent. Don’t swallow this mixture whilewashing your teeth.

Even some home salt, mixed with little bit of lemon juicecan make your teeth look whiter.

You may also use orange or lemon peel to whiten the teeth. Usethe white side of the peel, add some salt if you want to and brush it againstyour teeth. Sometimes, the salt may irritate your gums. If they start to swellor bleed, avoid the salt and use only the peel.

Some say that apple cider vinegar brushed on the teeth everynight may make the teeth whiter and shiner. Avoid this solution if you are (orbecome) allergic to it.

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