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A thing or two about fleas

Most of us know that fleas are smallparasites who often attack our pets when playing out in the open.Additionally, these organisms can be present in humans or many otherliving creatures in that respect.

If we take into concern that an averageflea lives for about two and a half months we may pose a questionabout the logic behind their vast quantity even though we fight themwith numerous flea repelling products. First of all they are veryadaptable and similar to some other insects, if, for example, oneflea gets killed by a certain chemical, it is very likely that thefleas “inheriting” it will be immune to it. Also, even though wemostly connect fleas with the fur of the animal exposed to them, inmost cases this is not so. Statistically, if one flea lives in our“man's best friend”, six more live in its environment, making iteven harder to get rid of these pests. Additionally all thechemicals used in products made for destroying fleas can often betoxic for your pet as well.

How to naturally have a flea-free pet

Fleas, as many people do not know,mostly attack animals with low immunity. That being said, it is nothard to conclude that a healthy dog, for example, is a flea freedog, since its immune system and the body chemicals help in defenseagainst fleas. Proper nutrition most often does the trick itself.

Besides being healthy and well fed,your pet may greatly benefit from aromatherapy. This is a new andmodern, all natural way of protecting your beloved animal againstmosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Some aromatic oils have scents whichrepel these creatures and certain combinations of several differentoils is known to be highly effective. Lavender, peppermint,lemongrass, geranium, and some other oils combined together andapplied onto your dog before taking it out for a walk ensure aflea-free outing.

However, these oils, although they dowonders to dogs are not recommended to be used on cats because theirskin is much more sensitive to oils and their smell to scents.

Fleas hate garlic scent, so adding aslice a day to your dogs nutrition while in flea season helpsgreatly. As far as cats are concerned, garlic is not good for them.Rather, in exchange, give them a tablespoon of yeast.

Finally, vitamin B rich nutrition inaddition to simple grooming and regular washing along with furchecking, help your pet feel truly flea-free.

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