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Ear mites are very small and they commonly live and breedinside the ear canal of a cat or a dog. They are characterized by feeding onthe ear skin and tissue and cell fluids and blood as well. When a cat has earmites, it usually scratches the ears, shakes its head and holds the ears atunusual angles. Ear mites can be recognized very easily because they resemblecoffee grounds. In order to treat ear mites one has to remove all the debrisfrom the cat’s ears and apply insecticide topically because it kills theremaining mites and their eggs.

An antiflea product must be applied to theanimal’s fur because the mites may crawl out of the ear onto the fur. The cat’sowner should not be troubled that much, because ear mites are pretty much commonand the treatment required to get rid of them is inexpensive and veryeffective.

All the debris in the cat’s ears must be inspected by usinga cotton ball. If there is any movement involved it means that it is the earmites. Ear mites can sometimes be located deeper in the ear canal and a simplemassage at the back of the ear should help cats not to have miteswould usually enjoy such a massage.

If the mites are hidden deeper, the catwill start scratching the area rather vigorously. The first phase of thetreatment is to get the ear mites out of the ear canal. Massaging the ear canalwith mineral oil will help the debris in getting out. After that, one should wipethe ear canal with a cotton ball or flush it out by using some lukewarmdistilled water in a special ear syringe. Insecticides that contain pyrethrinsshould then be applied topically in order to kill the mites.

Ear mites may crawl out during the treatment and stay hiddenin the cat’s fur. So once, all the fuss is over they can crawl back into theear canal and repopulate the entire colony. This is why one must also applyflea products in order to kill the mites who have managed to stay hidden in thefur surrounding the ears.

The treatment requires several repetitions becauseone single mite could return and start the whole thing all over again.Sometimes the treatment may last weeks. If the condition gets severe oneshould definitely call the vet.

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