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Razor bumps are skin irregularities which appear due to thefaulty use of a razor while shaving the body. This happens because the hair isimproperly removed, causing it to curl back into the skin and become inflamed.They may even develop into pimples or leave scars in some cases.

The most obvious choice to prevent razor bumps is to stopshaving. It is quite welcomed as well, since almost any way of dealing withexcessive hair is more recommended than that one.

Alternatives to shaving are hair-removing products, butunfortunately they are not an ideal solution, because they can also causeproblems to the skin if they are used more than twice a week.

Another substitute for shaving is laser treatment. What thisdoes is reduce hair growth, thereby reducing the number of bumps as well. It isa significant improvement when compared to the parts of the skin where lasertreatment hasn’t been applied. However, this is not always a permanentsolution, since there is always a possibility of hair growing back after awhile.

If quitting shaving is not an option after all there areways to try to avoid razor bumps. One should take a hot shower to relax theskin and open the pores before shaving. Also, the more shaving gel is used thebetter.

Furthermore, one should always make sure to shave in the direction ofthe hair growth as it is much more effective. Besides that, avoiding going overan area more than twice is a good idea to keep in mind. Afterwards, washingthe area with cold water and moisturizing the skin with cream or lotion willlessen the possibility of bumps. Generally, one should try to change the bladesregularly and give the skin time to rest for as long as possible.

Still, razor bumps may occur and there are some homeremedies which offer solutions on how to deal with them. The main ingredientof the home remedies for razor bumps is Aspirin. The way to do it is by crushingthe Aspirin and mixing it with warm water. When that is done, the mixtureshould be gently rubbed into the skin.

Besides Aspirin, aloe vera is quite helpful as well. Itwould be ideal to squeeze the juice straight out of the plant, but if that isnot an option, the gel should be just as soothing and useful.

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