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The following text will talk about the things you will have to consider before you begin with the black skin care. Also we will provide more information on the razor bumps and ingrown hair, which are the two most annoying and common problems associated with the black skin. Black skin has several positive and negative sides. The both most common problems are in some sort of correlation and we will see which.

Razor Bumps

Razor bumps, or the pseudofolliculitis barbae, appear on the curly, wiry or coarse hair, which is the type of hair that most of the black men have. Razor bump is a problem which is present in more than 85% of male population, and the problem is getting bigger and bigger. They mostly appear after shaving because the hair curls, turns back and enters the skin next to the hair follicles. This happens because the end of the hair is very sharp after shaving. All of this will result in burning, itching and maybe scarring. Shaving will become a very difficult task in this situation and so men try to correct this problem with depilatory creams. Unfortunately, many problems with irritation may occur after using such creams, but there are some products that produce good results. However, side effects associated with the long-term use haven’t been detected yet.

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is a problem that attacks both males and females, but males tend to experience this problem more. This is due to the presence of thick and coarse facial hair follicles. After cutting your hair, you may experience the ingrown hair problem. The hair will grow and curl over inside the follicle, without exiting into the surface. Bump will be created in this situation. Also, there is a chance that the growing hair goes out from the follicle and enters the skin again, which will result in a razor bump as well. Tweezers will help you get rid of the ingrown hair on the black skin.

Prevention of the razor bumps and ingrown hair can be done with certain product available in the market. Prevention will also depend on the proper shaving procedure. In order to get rid of the ingrown hair, you need to use clean blade during every shaving. Every week you have to get a new blade or change the rotary blades if you use an electric shaver. Never shave against the direction of the hair growth, because this will result in the sharp hairs, which can enter the skin easily. Discoloration and darkness may appear if you stretch your skin in order to get a better shave, so try to avoid this. Eat right in order to make your skin strong and able to fight the damage. Avoid foods rich in sodium, cholesterol, oil and fat. Problems such as redness and irritation may occur after a depilation, so we recommend the use of cream with alcohol on your face.

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