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Many men face shaving problems such as dry skin, appearance of bumps, skin irritation and others. However, little do they know that changing certain factors related to this frequent action of theirs can make all the difference they desire. Namely, your skin can be kept healthy and beautiful once you use a good quality razor, shave in a proper manner and keep your facial skin well hydrated.

Moisturizing Your Skin Properly

You should never try to save your money on products which are to keep your body healthy. The same rule goes for choosing and investing into a skin moisturizer. Opt for variants which contain aloe vera, since this ingredient is especially beneficial for your skin, soothing shaving irritations effectively. Keep in mind that you should not apply the moisturizer before you apply your regular shaving cream. Thus, the moisturizer is to be applied once you are done shaving. If you desire a non-commercial alternative for good skin moisturizers, try petroleum jelly, applying it prior to the shaving procedure.

Other Factors to Bear in Mind

Moisturizing is not everything, when it comes to shaving. Rather, you need to choose a good razor. When your blade is dull, you will need to press harder in order to achieve the desired shaving effect. This can result in cutting, bleeding and loss of water due to excessive wiping necessary to mend wounds. Also, this violent type of shaving is bound to lead to irritation and burns sooner or later. So, choose razors which are of high quality and change them often. The more blades a razor has, the better it is.

Also, you will need to know how to shave properly. Many times, skin problems which stem from shaving are directly connected to improper shaving techniques. So, the process goes as follows.

First of all, splash the face with lukewarm water in order to open the pores and hair follicles. Alternatively, you can shave in the shower. Secondly, do not go against the grain because this will lead to coarse hair and irritation. Follow the hair growth direction while shaving and wash all the shaving gel or cream with warm water after you are done. Then, splash the skin with cold water, closing the skin pores, keeping acne and other skin problems at bay. Finally, pat the skin dry with a clean towel and apply an aftershave lotion, preferably a type without alcohol. Alcohol-based aftershave lotions dry out the skin further, and you do not want that.

Ultimately, in order to prevent excessive drying of the skin during and after shaving, you are advised to increase you water intake and have a balanced diet. Alternatively, you can protect your skin from the sun whenever you go out by applying sunscreen beforehand.

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