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When an ingrown hair occurs there are number of symptoms that will appear but each person often experiences them in a different way. The main symptom of an ingrown hair is inflammation of the skin and small bumps on the skin.

The level and degree of the inflammation usually varies from person to person, and if a person looks closely at the center of the bump, they will notice a small curly hair in the middle. Along with the inflammation comes redness, slight pain and an itchy sensation. Sometimes pus can form in the affected areas as well.

Ingrown hairs usually occurs after shaving. Men get them mostly in the beard and neck area and women usually get them on the legs, underarms and bikini area.

When a cut hair curls back into the same hair follicle and gets trapped under the skin’s surface, this is when an ingrown hair occurs. Sometimes it can also occur without any cutting or shaving, for example, when a new hair starts growing and is immediately caught under the surface.

Ingrown hairs will usually disappear on their own once they grow out from beneath the skin, and they can also be removed with tweezers if a person has good coordination and a steady hand.

Some of the best ways to avoid the problem is to use alternative hair removal methods that do not include razors and shaving.

Depilatory creams and electrolysis are other hair removal options.

If the condition is still serious, it is best to consult a skin doctor, or dermatologist, and he or she will be able to recommend antiseptic treatments that can be used to prevent infections from occurring. If the infection has already occurred and is very troublesome, then antibiotics will be recommended to treat it.

If a person wants to continue shaving in order to remove hair from the body, then there are tips that should be followed in order to avoid ingrown hairs. It is better to shave with an electric razor than a wet blade. This is because they do not shave as close to the skin. Shaving gels are better to use than foam, because shaving foam will often dry and irritate the skin.

It is important for the gel to contain lubricating agents and to be specially formulated for people with very sensitive skin. It is also important to avoid using products that contain alcohol, because it will make the problem even worse by drastically drying out the skin.

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