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Ingrown hair - why it happens and how you can avoid it?

Ingrown hair and the reasons why it happens

This unpleasant and often even painful problem happens when a hair, which was previously tweezed, shaved or removed in some other way, grows into the skin, thus leading to the inflammation and irritation of the skin. This problem is often followed by a bump or even several bumps on the affected area, which is a reason more for feeling embarrassed and unpleasant about the whole problem. The real reason is related to the fact that when tweezing, for example, a part of the hair is left under the surface of the skin, which results in the hair entering the skin again, without primarily growing out. On the other side, when shaving, the hair that was shaved tends to curl back when growing out, which also results in ingrown hair. Since the skin reacts as if it would react to any foreign body, the inflammation occurs. People who have curled hair are particularly at risk of experiencing often ingrown hairs, which is why African Americans and Hispanics are more prone to this problem than other people.

What can be done about it?

Primarily, what a person can do in order to avoid this problem is follow some simple steps when shaving or removing hairs in any other way. It is always a good idea to wet the hairs, as well as to avoid close shaves and use lubricating shaving gels instead. When choosing a razor, the one with a single blade is better than the one with double blade, and it is necessary to have always a sharp one. Shaving strokes should follow the direction in which the hair grows, and the razor should be rinsed after every single stroke. After finishing, cool compress should be applied to prevent irritation of the skin.

However, if the problem with an ingrown hair occurs, there are some medications that might help, and they are usually prescribed by the doctor. They include retinoid creams, corticosteroid ointments that have to be applied topically, or even antibiotics also in the form of the ointment, so that the infection can be prevented.

People who are susceptible to ingrown hairs are highly advised to avoid removing hair by waxing, tweezing or shaving, and instead, they should seriously consider the removal of the unwanted hairs in a way that can provide much more permenet results, such as the laser.

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