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A Brief Introduction

Ithink everyone'd have to agree that shaving is surely amongst the most annoying things everyone simply has to do. This activity not only feels like a waste of time, but may also cause a sort of painful irritation, otherwise known as: razor burn.

And this article aims to inform on the things we do wrong while shaving and things that can be done in order to prevent razor burns.

So how and when do they manifest?

Nomatter the speed or intensity of growth – every guy needs to shave. Some need to shave on a daily basis, while others may only require a once-in-a-couple-of-days treatment. And as a side-effect of this unwanted habit, many, many men tend to get rather painful razor burns.

The razor burn does not occur immediately. A freshly shaven lad normally starts off feeling all nice and clean. But only after a couple of hours his face starts feeling red and irritated instead. So razor burns are not only highly uncomfortable, but are also quite unpleasant to look at, as well.

So what is there to be done about it?

Wellone of the first thing to be done is change the razor more frequently, since there are a lot of lazy guys out there who tend to do it with the same one for much longer than it is healthy. This in turn makes them dull and, worse still, infected. A dull razor is also prone to catching and pulling out hair that are simply in its way, which only further irritates the skin and causes razor burn.

Another good tip would be understanding his particular type of skin. Namely, all men have different types of skin, and furthermore the skin on the face reacts quite differently from skin covering other body areas. This means, bluntly put, that it is even more sensitive than its other areas. But when a man knows his skin type (dry, tough, oily or super-sensitive), it is easy for him to pick the right shaving cream and other along-going products which ought to soothe the irritation.

Nextly there are right ways, and wrong ways of shaving. Learning how to do it properly is top priority in eliminating razor burn. Namely, simply throwing on some shaving cream will not do for the preparations. Washing the face with warm water should be done previously as well, and this is to allow the pours to open and breathe, as well as soften the skin's surface. This in turn allows the razor to more easily cut the hairs with minimum irritation. Another good tip would be respecting the direction of the facial hair whilst shaving – shaving up only causes more irritation.

But the face should be protected both before and after shaving... Namely, after shaving, the pores are still open and this is the cause of both acne as well as the relevant irritation. This is why the face ought to be washed with cold water after shaving – that is to say, to clean the pores and allow them to close up again.

Alternatively, an aftershave lotion may be applied to provide additional hygiene and comfort.

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