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Razor Bumps

Problems like razor burns, ingrown hairs and razor bumps can be very painful, but avoidable as well. The following text will discuss on the ways of accomplishing this. These problems occur when shaving, because the cut hair grows inward or it is stuck between the follicles. All of this will result in swelling and redness. This problem can be eliminated very simply and we will see how.


Active ingredients are the key to the problem. Do not believe all the products for men skin care because not all of them have salicylic acid, which is the best fighter against razor bumps. The pores will be exfoliated, cleared and moisturized with the use of a product with salicylic acid, which will also prevent occurrence of some infection. Also, we advise the use of shaving products with salicylic acid because they will provide daily protection. Remember never to use an alcohol containing product because it will only make your skin dry and close off the pores, thus making the problem greater. Skin will also be dried of if you use shaving creams, so try to avoid them. Use shaving creams which are non-acnegenic because they are best for sensitive skin.

Exfoliation is the process of removal of dead skin layers, and this is what those with ingrown hair have to do. Face scrub can exfoliate your skin but use products with the salicylic acid. The method of shaving affects the creation of razor bumps, so you may need to change the way you shave in order to prevent razor bumps. Razor bumps can be developed due to close shaving so try to avoid shaving in this way. This happens because the cut hair is very short and it can easily stick inside the viola and hair follicle and thus produce an ingrown hair. Never pull your skin when you shave because this is a very common way of shaving close and creating yourself a problem. Shave gently without high pressure on the skin. Use the grain to shave and a razor with a single blade. Try to shave in this way and stick to it because people tend to forget and shave close as they did before. It may be hard to lose some habits, but you will have to do this in order to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs.


In order to correct this problem, you have to take tweezers and lift the ingrown hair from the unwanted position. Never pluck them because this will make the problem worse. Products with witch hazel, allantonin and azulene should be used for the problem of swelling. As you can see these are very simple ways of prevention and everybody can implement them. The only problem is to introduce them as habits, but with a little work, you can do it.

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