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When a man releases semen while sleeping, it is called a night discharge, nocturnal emission, or more commonly, nightfall.

The patient usually dreams of sexual activities and then ejaculates while sleeping. It can be embarrassing or frustrating for grown men. The condition is very normal in puberty and young men entering adulthood often have these so-called “wet dreams" that result in nightfall.

Nightfall and Embarrassment

The condition can also be common in people who have abstained from having sex and masturbation for a long time, therefore the hormones take over and cause the person to ejaculate while sleeping and having a sex-related dream. The condition is often related to stress as well, and sometimes, people who are having trouble sleeping can also experience nightfall on a regular basis.

People should be aware that there are some home treatments for nightfall that can be helpful.

A person can drink quickly a cup of sage tea before going to bed. He can also take a bath in water that is mixed with essential oils such as sandalwood, ylang ylang, lavender, rose pedals, jasmine or even German and Roman chamomile. Chamomile tisane can be consumed as a beverage before going to sleep as well.

Another good home remedy is combing a tablespoon of juice and celery leave with honey and stalks. This combination needs to be taken on a daily basis in order to help fight the occurrence of nightfall.

Raw onion salad eaten daily can also fix the problem.

Two teaspoons of fenugreek foliage juice and one teaspoon of honey makes another good home remedy. Take this before bed every day to avoid nightfall.

People should combine a bottle of gourd juice and sesame oil in equal parts and then rub this mixture into the scalp every night. It might sound bizarre, but it works.

Getting to bed early and sleeping more regularly can also decrease the occurrence of nightfall.

Taking in more vitamin B is essential as well and this is why wholegrain cereals and nuts should be eaten regularly.Another remedy is taking a half-liter of water and mixing a tablespoon of lettuce seeds into it. Then the mixture needs to be simmered until it decreases by one-third in quantity. Drinking something hot before bed is another simple home remedy. Putting a hot pack on the spine or enjoying a hot foot bath before bed will also help to relieve the stress that can result in nighttime ejaculations.

Does Testosterone have anything to do with Nightfall?

Low testosterone is not good for men and their health. Testosterone is essential for a man to feel male. Testosterone starts to act in early age, involving with puberty builds making a new bone and muscle structure, deepening the voice, builds up a sex drive and various other things. In adult age testosterone simply maintains male specifications in men. However, after 40, levels of testosterone decrease bit by bit. Level of decrease is really small, 1% to 2% over one year, which is pretty normal. There are tests for low testosterone symptoms but if there are no symptoms treating of low testosterone there is no need to do tests at all.People should know that less than 300 nanograms per deciliter of blood is low. The symptoms are mood swings, fatigue, sleep problems, low sex drive and problems with erection. This is why men are so interested in home treatment for nightfall. Many men do not report symptoms but there are few out there who do go to see a doctor about it. Andropause in men gradually decrease testosterone levels and may pass unnoticed, because men may have a sex drive no matter of lower level of testosterone. And if the condition gets away and significantly damages the quality of a man’s life a patient may choose testosterone replacement.The most common low testosterone replacements are skin patches, injections, orally disintegrating tablets and a daily skin gel.Low testosterone is related to some chronic medical states such as depression, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood because too low testosterone includes decreasing health in general. Bad health includes low level of testosterone and other way around. Testosterone weakens the bones and provokes osteoporosis. Hip fractures in men can be caused by low testosterone and low bone density as a result of a decreasing level of testosterone.

Herb Treatments

There are herb treatments that can help enhance endogenous and develop testosterone production. Such herbs can help prevent male hormones atrophy. In general, extracts of coleus forskohlii contains Forskolin beneficial for the low testosterone in men.Coleus forskohlii extracts have Forskolin, which may help a low testosterone. Increased testosterone also reduces body fat.

Tribulus terrestris has natural components of steroid and has libido-enhancing characteristics. With increase of lutenising hormone secretion of the pituitary gland, tribulus enhances testosterone endogenous production. It is a messenger hormone that stimulates testicles to develop testosterone.

Fenugreek extract has the potent steroidal nutrients, similar to tribulus. The extract is called Testofen and is known to develop testosterone.

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