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Although it is believed that the testosterone level decreases only in older men, that is not true, because it can also affect men in their fourth and fifth decade of life. The statistics provided by the FDA have proved that over four million men have lower level of testosterone, and that the problem is that only five percent of them looks for medical help, while the rest thinks that it is a normal condition when getting old.


Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in gonad glands, testicles in men, and ovaries in women, but adrenal gland also produces certain amount of this hormone. During the period of puberty, level of testosterone is increased, but after the middle age, the amount of this hormone decreases. In the age of 70 and 80, the level of testosterone is so low, that it can lead to development of some serious conditions such as weight gaining, fragile bones, impotence and heart attack. Even though the level of testosterone in women is ten times less than in men, women need testosterone as well, because when the level of this hormone is decreased, women can feel exhausted and they may complain of a very weak sex drive. Testosterone is important in reducing fat tissue, in weight loss and in muscle development. There are two ways in which testosterone helps in reducing fat. Firstly, testosterone is responsible for gaining more beta-receptors, which help in loosing fat, and secondly, this hormone can stop the enlargement of fat tissue. Swedish scientists have performed a study on how testosterone works in human body, and the results showed that older men who were taking testosterone supplements experienced changes in their body weight, because the fat on their stomach was gone after six weeks. Inspired by this research, other scientist performed similar experiments, and all showed similar results, even in cases of women.

Amount of hormone

In order to see how much testosterone we have in our body, we usually have to take blood test. Another possibility is saliva analysis, which can also show the amount of this hormone in the body. There are also questionnaires based on the questions related to the energy level, sex drive, feelings, and sleepiness, which are intended for older people, and which can tell us whether or not there is a suspicion on the low level of testosterone. The symptoms of decreased level of testosterone can also be changes in your feelings and behavior.

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