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Information on Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree originates from the Northern coasts of Australiaand it is very special because it contains more than 100 different componentswhich are very efficient in providing the human body with numerous healthbenefits. Tea tree oil gets extracted from the tea tree and it is among the fewessential oils which do not need to be diluted before being applied topicallyto the skin. Those who have a very sensitive skin should dilute it beforeusage, though.

Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Those who suffer from the athlete’s foot could use a littlehelp from the tea tree oil. This medical condition is very infectious and itcommonly affects the areas between the toes. Tea tree oil comes in very handywhen it comes to warding off numerous different types of infections as well. Itcan be applied topically on the affected areas of the feet in order toeliminate athlete’s foot. This should be done at least 3 times a day. Topicalapplication of tea tree oil may also be of great help in the treatment ofringworm and other similar types of skin infections. It may also come in handyfor all those who suffer from sore throat, common cold and influenza. It can beadded to some water and gargled twice a day in order to kill the bacteria andclear the excess mucus. Tea tree oil may also be very helpful for those whosuffer from various different types of medical conditions which affect thesinuses. One may add the oil to hot water and inhale it. Rubbing it around thesinuses may also help. Tea tree oil can be used to prepare a mouthwash which isvery efficient in prevent dental plaque and different sorts of gum infections.One should be careful not to swallow the mouthwash though, because it maydisturb the intestines.

Tea tree oil can be very efficient in warding off candidaalbicans and all other similar types of genital infections. It can also beapplied topically on the face, back, chest and neck for the prevention andtreatment of skin acne. The oil can also be added to shampoo in order to treatthe head lice very efficiently. Tea tree oil comes in very handy in relievingall the symptoms of insect bites and it is also an exceptional bug repellent aswell. Last, but not least, it is very efficientin relieving sunburns and skin irritations.

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