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Hiccups are actually diaphragmspasms which occur involuntarily and they are usually accompanied by the “hic”sound.

There are various funny littleways of making the unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing hiccups stop. One wayof doing it once the hiccups occur is to plug the ears and the nose and thenswallow about twenty times as fast as possible. When a person has a case ofhiccups it might be a good idea to try to scare them somehow.

One can sneak up on the personthat has hiccups and scare them out of their wits. Perhaps it might be funny todo so even if he does not have the hiccups anymore, just in case.

Mild cases of hiccups usually getresolved by repeated swallowing. One should hold his or her breath and swallowrepeatedly as fast as possible. Drinking a beverage as slowly as possible withas many swallows as possible can also help. It is mandatory to hold one’s breathefor as many gulps as possible. A napkin over a glass from which the beveragesis taken can help in slowing down the speed of swallowing. The trick is tostimulate the diaphragm in a positive way so that the hiccups stop.

Taking deep, slow and rhythmicbreaths will expand and contract the lungs completely. When done, while sittingstill in a relaxed manner will help in stopping the hiccups. Exhalingcompletely and holding the breath for as long as possible can also be veryhelpful. Thinking of something funny and laughing along the way might also helpbecause being distracted is helpful in most cases of hiccups. One of the mostridiculous and helpful ways of making the hiccups stop is to squawk like achicken, flap the arms and bob the head as if pecking at something. Bugawk!

Small amounts of peanut buttercan also be very efficient and helpful. Small shots of lemon juice can also bestimulating. Dissolving a teaspoon of sugar under one’s tongue is another goodremedy for hiccups. Pickles can also be of great help. Gargling the mouth andthe throat with water has also given good results with some cases of hiccups.

Cardamom boiled in water can beused for the treatment of severe cases of hiccups. Forceful swallowing realignsthe diaphragm and ends the hiccups. A mixture of pure ghee and mustard seedsusually stops the hiccups very quickly. Yogurt mixed with salt should alsoprovide great results.

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