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Genital warts are a highly contagious form of sexually transmitted disease. Those who decide that they want to fight them in the privacy of their own home should be careful in choosing the methods, since there are some remedies that actually make the symptoms worse instead of curing them. The genital area is very sensitive and many treatments have negative side effects, so if any irritation or pain occurs during the self-treatment, it should be stopped immediately.

There are a number of remedies that help relieve discomfort caused by genital warts. One of them is a warm sitz bath or just a simple bath in clean warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Warm water is always soothing for the skin. Spraying warm water from a bottle also helps clean the area and relieving the discomfort. A bottle of warm water can also be applied to the area while resting in bed. It has been proven that warming the area is beneficial, but excessive heat has the opposite effect. Some suggest using a heat lamp or a blow dryer, but this can cause burning to the already sensitive genital area.

There are many products, like ointments or oils, that help treat and reduce genital warts. Vitamin E in the form of oil is safe for the genital area and it can be applied directly to the warts. However, caution is necessary when applying these products to the affected areas. For example, some say that crushed raw garlic helps with genital warts when applied directly and covered with a bandage. This is actually very dangerous, because not only is the garlic extremely irritating to the skin, but also the bandage, when removed, can pull some hair out, causing additional irritation. This goes for remedies that involve onions and vinegar as well, since both are irritating even for healthy and tough skin.

One remedy that does not seem to have negative effects to any area is aloe cream. Aloe Vera has many health benefits and is safe to use even on the most sensitive areas.

It is not unusual for genital warts to return after being removed, sometimes even in a larger number. It is therefore important to observe them and control the amount that appears. This is related to the general condition of a person’s health. Genital warts are caused by a virus, and improving one’s health is actually the best remedy there is for treatment.

Eating healthy and changing dietary habits and lifestyle will improve the immune system and help the body fight the warts. The use of home remedies can sometimes bring more harm than benefit and it is best to consult a specialist to avoid further complications.

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