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Jock itch is a fungal infection of the groin, which mainly affects men. Humidity and heat are the perfect conditions for multiplying Trichophiton rubrum fungi responsible for the spread of this infection. In addition to the groin, this infection can affect the fingers and body.

Jock itch occurs in the form of itchy rash consisting of red plate lesions bordered with bright red peeling edges. These edges are slightly raised from the surface affected by fungus, which is mostly red-brown and less peeling.

The positive side of this disease is that it does not spread to the scrotum and penis. If infection occurs in that area, it is the fungus Candida albicans.

The best method for treating Jock itch is its prevention, which involves fulfilling several requirements. Groins should be maintained as dry as possible, which means not allowing accumulating the sweat on this area. Regular powdering groin every time after a shower can significantly contribute to keep this area dry.

It is advisable to wear clothes made from cotton or material that don’t let in moisture. Athletes who wear synthetic sports uniforms should wear underwear made of pure cotton underneath to avoid skin irritation and accumulation of sweat.

To prevent the accumulation of sweat in the groin it is necessary to change sweaty clothes and underwear as often as possible and wash after each use.

Since the infected person can transmit this infection to others, it is not recommended sharing clothes and towels with others.

Overweight people are more susceptible to this infection because they have more folds - the warm, humid places on the skin that are ideal for the development of fungi. Therefore, for prevention it is advisable to remove the excess pounds.

If there is suspicion that a collective shower is a potential source of infection, it should be washed and cleaned with antibacterial soap.

If, despite preventive measures taken, Jock itch somehow catches there are several natural ways to repair it. One is a salt bath which includes a bathtub full of water and a larger amount of salt. It is necessary to lie in the solution 15 minutes allowing salt to pull liquid from blisters and drained them. If this method is applied twice a day for 2-3 days Jock itch will disappear completely.

Jock itch can also be eliminated by rinsing with chlorine starch or vinegar.

Application of tea tree oil on the affected area can relieve burning and itching due to its antibacterial properties.

Garlic is a natural remedy that perhaps has the longest use in the treatment of Jock itch. It has a positive effect either is taken orally or squashed and mixed with olive oil and applied to infected area.

Jock itch is not life threatening but can be very persistent and annoying. Although there are many creams for its overcoming, above mentioned natural remedies are also very effective. It would be best to choose one of the variants in consultation with your doctor.

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