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Genital warts are small flesh-colored bumps or clusters of warts on one’s genitalia caused by the Human Papilloma virus (HPV). They are very common among Americans and are no reason to worry.

One need not to be shy to show them to their doctor, but if so there are plenty of home medicines that can help.
Bad side of genital warts is that there is no cure for virus itself, but good side is that one may keep warts under control and lead perfectly normal life.First on the list of cures is apple cider vinegar. It is inexpensive and natural, yet very powerful in fighting genital warts. One can put a cotton ball in the vinegar and stick it on the warts every night, for 45 minutes, during a week or longer. Soon warts will change their color and shape.Another helpful remedy is tea tree oil which one may apply in the same way. Very effective is to apply it three times a day. Soon warts will start falling off.
It is important to wash off thoroughly between applications. This stands both for vinegar and tea tree oil. Another effective thing is castor oil. If one dislikes its odor it can be mixed with a little bit of peppermint or lemon oil. The procedure of applying is the same.
There are plenty of herbs that help, too. Celandine is one of them. It has strong medicinal properties that fight the warts and the virus that caused them. Another one is white cedar leaf that is antiviral, then garlic which is well-known immunity booster. Also if a clove of garlic is pressed over the wart it can cure it. Effective are also bloodroot, green figs (especially white milk from it) and pineapple peel (the enzymes from its juice help dissolve them). Vitamin E can also help, either in oil or in capsule. It can be rubbed into the affected area.
Another method of curing them is ACV. However, this can sometimes be painful. Homeopathy is very good for solving the problem with warts. A well-known cure is Wartrol Genital Wart Relief.

In general, it is very important to keep the immune system in good condition. Therefore, one should use vitamins regularly especially vitamin C. Keeping away from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and maintain healthy life style helps too. Taking 5 portions of fruit and vegetables is definitely a good choice.

It is important to cure warts. One may first try to cure them with the suggested products. However if the problem persists the safest choice is to visit a physician. The doctors usually burn them off, froze them or destroy them with a laser.

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