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Genital warts are minor, harmless growths produced by a viral infection by the Human papilloma virus. Still, a female with genital warts is at a higher risk for developing cervical cancer. Genital warts usually happen in clusters. They can either spread into large masses on genital tissues or can be very tiny. They are also known as condylomas or Condiloma Acuminatum. These warts are very contagious. In female they are 90% responsible for cervical cancers and many other health difficulties. In male, this viral infection can decrease sperm count, and cause infertility. It's likely as well for an infected woman to pass on the infection to her child throughout pregnancy or birth. These warts are located in the skin or the mucous membrane. Papilloma virus can also occur in the larynx. This is a rare condition caused by the Human papilloma Virus, and if not treated, it can lead to tumors.

Causes of Genital Warts

The main cause of genital warts is the Human papilloma virus. This virus contaminates the top layers of your skin. Furthermore, extreme consumption of alcohol and tobacco, can lead to development of genital warts. Cervical cancers in females can as well increase the odds of occurring of genital warts. Genital warts most frequently happen in people experiencing stressful circumstances. Approximately, 65% of people had a sexual contact with an infected person.

Symptoms of genital warts

If the papilloma virus occurs in the larynx, one can experience difficulties while swallowing food. On the other side, if the papilloma virus happens in the genital area, one might have troubles in passing urine. Furthermore, you can feel itching and burning around sex organs. In female, abnormal vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse can be a consequence of already developed genital warts. In addition, infection with the human papilloma virus increases vaginal discharge. Some people experience a flu-like disease while infected with the genital warts.

Treatments for Genital Warts

There are a few remedies that have been proven to treat this infection. These remedies are: imiquimod cream, that helps in putting an end to genital warts; cryotherapy – a procedure where the doctor freezes off the warts with liquid nitrogen; podofilox gel or cream, fluorouracil cream – remedies for external genital warts; electrocautery or diathermy terminates the warts by burning them; surgical excision – surgical procedure where the medic uses special tools to cut off warts; laser therapy –surgical procedure where the doctor uses laser to destroy the warts; podophyllin - a chemical compound that must be applied by a specialist or nurse to the infected parts of the skin’s antiviral oil - applied to the infected skin.

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