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A wart is a growth on the skin. It usually appears on the hands, but it can also affect other parts of the body, such as feet, genital area or face. Warts can be the small, large, painful, moist, hard, fleshy or in various color. The main cause of warts is the human papillomavirus. Warts are contagious so you should avoid contact with the affected person. Warts can also be passed on by touching an object which has been previously touched by an infected person. In the majority of cases warts go away without treatment in a couple of years. However, most people seek immediate treatment because warts are unsightly and bothersome. Standard medical treatment includes freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen, surgical removal of the warts and laser surgery.


Homeopathy is an alternative and holistic approach to medicine. Homeopathy focuses on the body's natural ability to heal. Homeopathic remedies are usually in a form of a pill and they are made of substances found in nature. If you decided to try homeopathy, the first thing you should do is to find a homeopath. He/she will spend some time with you talking about your disorder and you will receive an appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies for Warts

There are a variety of homeopathic remedies for warts. One of them is Thuja occidentalis 1M. This homeopathic remedy is recommended for warts which are moist, red or brown in color, and bleed easily. You should use this remedy for warts on the head and neck. Causticum 1M is also an excellent homeopathic remedy for treating warts which are hard, large and painful. This remedy should be taken for warts which appear on the neck, fingers and the whole face. Acidum nitricum 1M is recommended for people who suffer from large, soft warts which produce secretion and can bleed easily. The warts which are treated with this homeopathic remedy usually occur on genital area, mouth, face, breasts and hands. Another good homeopathic remedy for warts is Sepia. This remedy is used to treat small and dark warts which usually affect women. Such warts appear on genital area, feet and neck. Dulcamara 1M homeopathic remedy is good for warts which are fleshy and sensitive to touch. This remedy is recommended for warts on the face, hands and arms. Another remedy for warts is Staphysagria. It is good for moist and soft warts which appear inside the mouth and genitals in men.


It is important to have proper hygiene habits in case of warts. You should not touch or pick the warts because the virus will spread. It is not recommended to shave the area affected with warts because you can injure them. Do not share your personal belongings with other people because warts are highly contagious.

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