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Wart is a small, usually hard growth on the skin, caused by avirus. Genital wart is a bit different. It is caused by a papilloma virus(HOV). Growths in this area resemble a cauliflower. They are contagious in away that they pass to another person during anal or vaginal sexual intercourse.They can’t be seen; that is possible only in a small number of cases. In order to detectthe virus, you would need tests. Signs and symptoms can’t be found in everycase. Thing that makes them noticeable is vinegar wash. If you soak some clothwith ware and vinegar, and apply on the suspected area, that area would becomewhite and pop out. But, it is recommended to look for medial advice if you wantto be convinced that you are dealing with genital warts. Sometimes genitalwarts can be serious. They are particularly serious in cases of women, if they have them on the cervix, because they resemble the changes that appearwhen dealing with cancer. It is advisable that a person with genital warts alwayslooks for medical help. Some herbs can treat genital warts.

In the nature, there are some herbs that can be very helpfulin genital warts treatment. One of these oil herbs is essential oil of thuja.But, because thuja oil has a very strong effect, one must be very carefulwhen using it. Usually, thuja oil is diluted in vegetable or castor oil, andthen applied.

How to make on your own wart oil? You would require following things: ½ ouncecastor oil, ¼ teaspoon each thuja and tree essential oils, 800 IUV E oil. Then,it should all be combined in one liquid. It can be applied on the wart with a cotton swab, leaving the wart visible. Because of the strong effect of thuja oil, it is not recommended for sensitive skin. The same thing is done intreatment of topical warts.

People who prefer homeopathy treatment can use Nitricumacidum. It is good for soft warts on the genitals, anus, and lips. Warts thatare on these places are often strangely shaped, may cause bleeding and can bevery painful. Thuja oil is good for applying on every location, exceptplantar. This homemade remedy is very useful for warts on chin, anus andgenitals.

This is one of the ways used in treating the genital warts withthings that are natural.

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