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What is Neem?

Eczema, ordermatitis, is a skin disorder that commonly features skin itchiness, dryness,a red coloration and swelling, and can cause uncontrollable scratching. Neemhas been found to be a highly efficient eczema remedy. A tree mostly localizedin India, Neem (Azadirachta indica) is worshipped by the populace due to its medical properties. Called Margosa in England, Neem is globallyconsidered as a medicine related plant with a plethora of health benefits.

NeemBenefits and effects on Eczema

Asmentioned, Eczema is symptomatic in persons with skin sensitivity and ischronic, appearing throughout a person’s lifetime. Medications for this conditionare usually severe, sometimes including the use of steroids. The cracking, dried upskin that eczema causes attracts bacteria, which boosts the growth of thecondition, causing scratching, itching, and occasionally fever and bleeding.

Eczema and similarailments have been cured by Neem for over 5 millennia. Neem functions by preventing the entrance ofmicro organisms into the body, as this plant has anti fungal, anti viral andanti protozoal traits, which give it a vaguely unpleasant smell. Eczema causingmicro organisms cease all activity when Neem in powdered or oily format isplaced on them, leading to prevention of the eczema. Neem can also function as animmunity booster. Neem oil can function as a moisturizer and regenerator, andits healing properties can also be attributed to its fatty acid and vitamin Econtent. Regulation of the respiratory,blood circulation and digestive systems are all hallmarks of the neem, as iswound healing. This plant also holds nimbin and nimbidin, which serve to deterinflammations and infections. Its antibacterial traits stifle the evolution ofsecondary infections, such as ones instigated by eczema boils and blooderuption. A potent analgesic, Neem can alleviate the uncomfortable situationcaused by constant itching, and its anti-histamine content can stop the progressof infections.

ApplyingNeem treatment

Applicationof neem can be done via capsules, oil application, lotions, conditioners andshampoos, and can even be utilized as a bathing supplement by placing theleaves of the plant in warm water. Proper skin care involves the avoidance ofsoap based cleansers as they can cause the skin to become dry. Neem oil basedemollients and cream cleansers should be utilized in instead. Moisturizing ofthe nails and the maintenance of short nail length can significantly aid thehealing process, as patting is recommended in lieu of scratching. Creams,lotions and other products that are based on Neem are suggested as areplacement for medications based on steroids, and are highly regarded bymedical professionals.

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