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Bad breath is called halitosis in medicine. It is detrimental for person’s personal and social life. Microorganisms effectuate decays of food in the mouth and releases several gasses. Gasses are mixing with breath and it becomes foul. Bad breath can be so unbearable that other people don’t want to communicate closely with affected person.

Bad breath usually occurs in the oral cavity. In medicine it is known as oral malodor. The decays of food can appear in the teeth, gums and on tongue. Main cause of halitosis is bacteria.

It is normal that every person has odors. Some persons have uncontrolled odors. There are more factors that cause bad breath: dry mouth, after meal, in hot seasons or when person is fasting, ginger, onion, garlic, smoking and alcoholism, low dental hygiene. Lack of dental hygiene is prime factor that causes bad breath.

If you want to get rid of bad breath you can use home remedies. They can be very helpful with this detrimental problem.

Peel of a pomegranate fruit leave to dry it on the sun. Then dry peel put in water to boil. Leave it to get cool and then gargle it. This home remedy can be very helpful with bad breath. Also, you can make powder of pomegranate peels and mix it with water. You can drink this or gargle it. This is confirmed remedy for bad breath.

Coriander leaves can be used for quick but temporary treatment to get rid of bad breath. First you have to dry coriander leaves and after that chew on them. Coriander temporary removes bad breath and it is very effective to remove odors from garlic and onion.

Mustard oil and common salt are helpful with bad breath. Put half a teaspoon of salt in two teaspoons of mustard oil and keep it in mouth for while. Then spit it and wash your mouth with fresh water.

Potassium permanganate put in water and frequently gargle it. This will stop bacteria to develop in the mouth and bad breath.

One teaspoon of ginger juice and lemon juice put in warm water and gargle it once a day. This is the most effective home remedy for bad breath.

After meal bacteria produce foul gasses what causes bad breath. Take fennel seeds after each meal. Fennel keeps mouth fresh.

Good home remedy for bad breath is leaves of jamuna fruit. It is Indian plum. Make a wad of leaves and chew on them. Also, leaves of tulsi keep your mouth fresh.

There are also good home remedies for bad breath such as twigs of the neem or the babul every morning. They have natural antibacterial and antiviral effect.

Green cardamon, guava, fruits rich with vitamin C (orange, lemon, sweet lime) are very effective for bad breath.

The best home remedy is water. You will not be thirsty and your breath will be fresher. Dry mouth causes bad breath.

Long lasting breath is called chronic breath. In that case might be helpful to use fenugreek seeds, baking soda, eucalyptus or thyme oils, and parsley.

It is very important to maintain dental hygiene properly. You have to brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and in the night before bed. Food particles must be brushed from interspaces. Remove food particle between teeth with toothpicks.

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