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What are ear candles
Ear candles are particular kinds of candles that are made especially to get rid of the accumulated wax in the ears. It is a rather unconventional method, as the most people take care of the matter with cotton swabs or buy commercial products meant to take care of this issue.

How does an ear candle work?

Ear candles are not exactly like the real candles, but they resemble them closely enough as their outer layer is made of wax. Inside the wax is a cotton wrap, and the whole thing is made in the shape of a cone and hollow. The way an ear candle works is by putting one of its ends inside the ear and light the other one on fire. Since the ear candle is unfilled, the smoke from the lit part of the candle is able to draw the ear wax towards itself. This manner of getting rid of the wax from the ears is considered to be particularly effective because it is able to clean the ear canal much deeper than any of the other methods, therefore, leaving the person free of ear wax for a much longer time period.

What are the consequences of using ear candles?

While many people claim that ear candling is the most natural way possible to rid the ears of the wax, not everyone thinks that it has more benefits than drawbacks. Many people are completely opposed to the use of ear wax as they believe that it can seriously damage the ears, which needs to be taken into consideration seriously because the ears are considered to be some of the most sensitive organs. Also, there is no guarantee that no wax from the candle will drip into the ear and cause some irreparable damage.

These are all valid issues that one must be aware of before deciding to start using ear candles.

How the process of ear candling is performed

The process of ear candling, with the whole lighting on fire method, might sound a bit frightening. But on the contrary, the process is very simple indeed. However, the assistance of another person is necessary.

The first thing to do is prepare all the items that are required in order to perform ear candling. These include the ear candles of recommended quality, a paper plate with a hole in the middle, a lighter and a dish filled with water.

When that’s done, the narrower part of the candle should go inside the paper plate hole for about 5 inches of depth. This item should be placed inside the ear of a person who is lying on their side and facing the ceiling.

The final step is lighting the candle. It’s probably obvious that it is the broad part of the candle that is to be burnt and left that way until it is close to the plate. This terminates the ear candling process and the candle is to be disposed into the water.

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