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This text will talk about the problem of clogged ear and the ways in which this problem can be eliminated. Clogged ear is a problem that can cause great irritation and discomfort and it usually happens when we least expect it. It is a trivial problem that can make you mad because of the feeling of produces. We will see what causes this problem and how it can be treated in the following lines. Clogged ears affect certain people regularly and it can lead to a lot of frustration. People are basically driven crazy, and at one point, they would try anything in order to get rid of this felling. Many treatments for clogged ears are available, but how effective are they? We will try to answer this but first, let's see what leads to the creation of clogged ears.


Felling of clogged ears can be a result of physical blockage, like presence of wax in the ear canal. Be careful when using cotton swab in this situation, because it can make the wax go even deeper and lead to additional troubles. Air pressure imbalance is another possible cause and it is created when we change altitude very quickly. The Eustachian tube can become blocked if the sinuses or middle ear membrane is swollen due to a cold, which will also lead to the clogged ears. Swimmers have great problems with clogged ears because the water can develop infections and blockages.


If wax is causing the problem, we recommend hot shower, which will loosen up the wax and remember to breathe deep in order to get the warm air to circulate through the sinuses. You can also put a drop of olive oil inside both ears and this will also make the wax loose up. When you apply the olive oil, let it stay for several minutes and then lean to one side with a cloth placed on the ear in order to prevent the olive oil from dripping on the furniture. If the air imbalance is the cause, air swallow is an effective method that will open up the middle ear and sinuses. Remember never to use excessive force when clearing the ears. Also, you can use a yarn, but be careful with the applied force since the inner ear and ear drum damage might occur. If the cold has developed clogged ears, you can only wait for the swelling to reduce. Great treatment for clogged ears involves the use of a heating pad, on which you should lay down with the ear placed on the pad. Stay like this for several minutes and do the same for the other ear as well.

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