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Had it with wax

Ear wax in excess hasthe potential to cause in a person extremely unpleasant and painful earache,and produce a sensation which gives a person the impression that his/her ear isconstantly full and plugged. Though it may not sound as something that cannotbe dealt with easily and like something too serious, the clogging of ears dueto the wax build up can be a direct cause of numerous conditions such astinnitus (ringing/booming sensation felt inside the person’s ear), and can evenbe the main culprit for the partial loss of hearing. Other more common sideeffects include various ear infections and similar diseases and conditions.Though ear wax in excess is not a desirable thing, a certain small amount isactually quite beneficial. The primary function of ear wax is blocking of dust, bacteria and other microorganisms and not allowing themto enter deeper into the ear and make havoc. Other upsides include its abilityto aid in irritation prevention, once the water finds its way into the earcanal. The ear wax itself tends, in time, to move and reach the opening of theear, then it either falls out of the ear, or is removed by a person. But, thereare certain cases in which this wax production is a bit more enhanced and thusin excess. Downside of this is that this additional wax has the tendency toharden inside the ear canal and in many cases even prove to be an obstacle that blocks out the ear completely. In order to avoid an even greater building up ofwax inside an ear, the doctors strongly recommend the use of ear wax drops orhousehold oils instead of cotton buds, since by employing them, people have thetendency to overdo it and thrust the wax even deeper inside the ear canal fromwhere it cannot be removed.

Ear wax drops –varieties

In order to help youkeep the hygiene of your ears on a high level, as well as free yourself fromthose excessive ear wax build ups, in the continuation you can familiarize yourselfwith some of the most effective medical aiders and homemade solutions:

Baby oil/olive oil – household itemsand solutions such as baby oil, olive oil, mineral oil and glycerin have provento be quite helpful in dealing with the problem in question. In case you optfor using drops, then it is considered as highly effective to put a couple ofdrops of either baby oil or olive oil, and let them be for the next couple ofminutes. In order to get the effect, a person should employ them once a week.Over-the-counter ear wax drops – provideyet another effective and widespread solution to the problem. Such drops asE-R-O, Debrox, Muro and Auro are comprised of numerous active ingredients, outof which carbamide peroxide is the most important one, which enables such eardrops to dissolve earwax plugs fairly quickly.


In order to preventthe building up of the earwax and avoid serious illnesses that can arise, there arenumerous things you can do by yourself. One of them is to avoid the use ofcotton swabs, hair pins and alike in order to clean your ears. Ear drops shouldbe employed at least once a week, and as a quite safe method to clean your ears, you can wrap a paper tissue around your finger and use it as a cleaning tool.

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