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Very common ear infection in children is called Otitis media or Tympanostomy. Severe pain and high fever are the symptoms of this ear infection. Parents must carefully watch their children and at first signs of Otitis Media they must contact the doctor. But careful monitoring and some home remedies can be a good alternative to antibiotics for the first time episode of Otitis media. Here is a short description of some of the home remedies for ear infections in children.

Pain – relievers

There are many various pain relievers available for children in the market today. Older children are allowed to take prescribed pain medications with codeine in it. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are among most common pain relievers for children. Very effective as a pain reliever remedy are ear drops called Auralgan, which contains anesthetic. In one study almost 89% of children that were using eardrops were able to avoid antibiotics. Aspirin based medications and Aspirins are not recommended for use for children and adolescents.

Precautions when swimming

Swimming posses a several potential health treats to children with ear infection problems. Pollutants and chemicals from water may represent the problem, as well as underwater diving, because of the change of pressure, that affect the ears. So children with drainage from ear canal should avoid swimming until infection is well clear off. Also children with acute Otitis media or AOM should also avoid swimming until the end of infection. Cotton balls and era plugs are good prevention against AOM problems induced by swimming.

Allergy and cold remedies

Studies shows that almost all of non prescription advertised medicaments like antihistamines or decongestants are not effective in cases of children’s AOM.

Natural remedies for ear pain

As we sad before, antibiotics are the last resort when comes to ear infections and ear pain in children. There are lots of home remedies that you should try first in order to help your children overcome the infection and relieve the pain especially now when awareness of bad side effects of antibiotics usage in little children are leveled.

Herbal remedies for ear infections are many, but they are not all regulated and standardized and their safety is unknown. So you should avoid using any kind of herbal remedies unless you consult your doctor first. If you want to try to ease your child’s pain you may try to press a bottle with hot water in it, or warm bag of salt.

There is also an old technique which is very useful for unplugging your Eustachian tubes, either in cases of AOM or even when you are in the plane. You should take a deep breath and close firmly your mouth, that try to blow the air trough your nose while keeping it shut with your fingers. Parents should tell their children not to blow too hard in order not to damage the ear drum.

One of the old time remedies are ear candles, lighten candles that drop wax in your ear. Besides the risk of burning there is no medical evidence that this remedy work at all and should be avoided.

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