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Bronchitis is the medical term for the inflammation of the certain tubes in the lungs, through which the air circulates when we inhale and exhale. The most prominent symptoms of this disease are the troubles during the process of breathing (such as, for example, the shortness of breath), dry or productive cough (which depends on whether there is expelled mucus or not), and the sensation of the pressure on the chest from every side.

However, bronchitis can be of short course (acute) or durable (chronic) condition. The first mentioned type is usually triggered by the virus that also causes common cold, and has the same symptoms in the start. So, the problem is that, in that case, it can be the mislead diagnosis, and after that, the condition advances by spreading onto the lungs and bronchi. Nevertheless, it is not so dangerous as the chronic type, which is an obstructive disease of the lungs, and which is manifested as the appearance of the productive cough (unlike the acute type). Triggers

The most frequent provoker of this type of bronchitis is smoking and any similar entrance of the toxic particles and micro organisms from the environmental air into the organism, and through the respiratory organs. Also, bronchitis could be caused by an allergic reaction, by various existing infectious processes in the organism, or can occur as the consequence of the common cold, as already mentioned.Home treatment

Since one of the factors of risk for getting this disease is the polluted air, which is the almost impossible to stay away from, this is very widespread respiratory problem. Being so common explains the fact that, nowadays, there are a lot of ways to deal with bronchitis, such as by the conventional treatment with the prescribed medications, by homeopathy and the alternative medicine, or by the at-home treatment.

The last mentioned is, actually, the treatment based on using the beneficial herbs for making the homemade remedies. And a lot of them are already acknowledged to be very effective. Such is the remedy of diluted little bit of the ground turmeric into the 2 dl of milk, which should be drunk at least two times per day, and when the stomach is empty. Similarly, one teaspoon of the freshly squeezed juice from onion or from cabbage should be taken after awakening. Also, the remedy based on the one liter of water, a little bit of NH4Cl and spinach is very beneficial for those who suffer from bronchitis.

However, the most common remedies are: the tea from the root of horseradish or licorice; the powder of black pepper, ginger and long pepper (honey can be added, too); and even the simple juice from orange.

When it comes to the topically applied remedies (directly onto the chest), the most commonly used is the paste made from ground mustard, water and flour, in the equal proportions.

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